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The rooster could be ill,

it could be the wrong season ( crowing is part of setting up territories and calling females into his group, if it is not breeding season his male hormones will drop and he will have no desire to crow)


He could be a beta rooster - if there is more than one rooster on the property at least one will always be alpha doing most of the crowing, others down the pecking order may just stay quiet, accepting that they are not at the top of the pecking order.

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Will a young rooster crow around an older rooster?

Yes. A young rooster will mimic the older rooster's crow as it learns to crow.

What noise does a rooster make?

A rooster makes a cock-a-doodle-do sound, could also be known as a crow.

How do you make a rooster crow?

show him another rooster and he will show that he is also male by CROWING.or you make sounds of rooster crowing and he will also crow.

When is a rooster too old to crow?

A rooster is never too old to crow, he just might not do it as often.

Sound of rooster?


Can a rooster have its crow stopped?

Yes. When a rooster is killed, or dies of natural causes, it will no longer crow. You're welcome.

Chicken will cluck as to rooster will what?


What causes a rooster to crow through all hours of the night?

one rooster sees a light thinks the sun iscomingupother roosters hear that rooster and crow because its a contest

How do you spell the sound a rooster makes?


Does a rooster crow?

Yes. Roosters crow to communicate to the flock and to other roosters.

How do you make a rooster not crow?

Very rarely vets will decrow a rooster but that is the only way.

What does the crow of a rooster sound like?


What is the name of rooster sound?

Roosters crow.

How do you control the crow of a rooster?

Tape his beak

What does the cry of the crow sound like?

caw because a rooster makes a crow and a crow makes a caw so they are opposites.

What is the sound made by rooster called?

Roosters crow.

What is the sound made by a rooster called?

crow or cock

Do hens crow when the rooster is absent?

Yes. They crow because they are trying to keep in touch with their husband.

How old is a rooster when he begins to crow?

Well my Rooster is about 8 weeks old now and he just started

At what age do roosters begin to crow?

My rooster TRIED to crow when he was a couple months it was a failed crow though XD

How many times does a cock crow?

It depends on the rooster really, but an individual rooster can crow many, many times a day, throughout the day. Usually, the number of crows increases if there are other roosters around, especially if the rooster considers them rivals.

Do all roosters crow?

No because most of the time when they crow it's usually a mood sign of the rooster

What is a roster's scream called?

Roosters crow. The crow of a rooster sounds like "Cock-a-doodle-doo."

Can a one and a half month old rooster crow?

no its not possible

Fake owl hung by rooster will it keep rooster from crowing?

No. Roosters crow when they see light, it's instinctive.