What if the Europeans never came to the Americas?

History would be comepletly diffrent. I think someone would have discovered N/S America sooner or later (probably Asia), but that would still greatly affect the world we live in today. If the Aisa or Africa had come to the Americas instead of the Europeans they may be probably stronger than today, becasue the Americas had many resources. The group's population would also be very large. Trade would be very different as well. Europe and Asia may be the top traders, but with two less continents they may not be able to sell as much.

If not one had ever discovered the Americas it would be really different. The Natives would probably be a very large group of people. I belive they'd stay issolated from the world, but I don't think they'd be considered a developing county. They just don't need the resources we use. Their immune systems would probably still be very weak. Europe, Aisa, and Africa would be more populated, and one of those continents would have another super-power nation. The environment would be incredibly dfferent. Less destruction of wild-life would be in North and South America.

I still have a better feeling that another 'people' would find the Americas sooner or later. You can't not notice two large continents forever (especially with today's technology.) But maybe we wouldn't be as advanced today as we are if the Europeans hadn't setteled here in the first place. swagger