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What if the air conditioner in a Jeep Liberty 2002 Limited doesn't seem to blow very cold air -is this something that would be easy to check or fix myself?

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βˆ™ 2006-10-16 03:15:37

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The problem most likely is that your a/c system needs to be re-charged.... you can do it yourself if you go to a reliable auto-parts store such as pep-boys, advanced auto, or national auto... they can direct you to the exact parts/tools you will need, such as R-134a, the hose connections, and a pressure gauge.... if you're not up for doing that, just take it to a trustworthy mechanic who won't try to rip you off and have them look at it.... there might be something else wrong with the system.... they can do a leak test and evaluate the whole system.

2006-10-16 03:15:37
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