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You have a "Hot Wire" some place that is shorting out. You need to start following the wires to see if you can find the short.
Remove the Brake Light assembly and start there, working your way forward. Good Luck and Remember.
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2007-01-21 15:38:47
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The brake lights of a 1994 GMC Sierra do not work and the fuse keeps popping any suggestions on fixing it?

Remove bulbs and check sockets for short to ground Check wiring for short

Where is the ground wire for tail lights dashboard lights and blinkers?

I have a 1983 GMC Sierra it has no dash,tail lights an brake lights are very dim

2000 GMC Sierra Pickup the brake lights don't work but the parking lights do What fuse controls the brake lights?

Check stop light fuse Check bulbs double filamented smaller for brake lights Check the operation of the stop light switch Check socket for corrosion

The rear brake light on your 1989 323 Mazda comes on when you push the brake pedal but all lights are working any suggestions on what the problem is?

Please re-phrase your question; it appears you are saying the brake lights come on when you push the brake pedal and the lights are working (normal operation). If the lights are staying on after you release the pedal, then the problem is with th brake light switch (sticking). Thanks Malcolm

My brake lights on a 96 gmc sierra 1500 pickup just quit working along with the hazard lights but the running lights work fine What do you need to look for to fix it?

Check the fuse for the brake lights. It should be marked stop/haz on the fuse box cover.

Why is my Brake lights not turning off on 1990 GMC Sierra?

Brake Lights that Will Not Turn OffAlthough it's possible there could be other reasons, the most common causes for brake lights to stay on continuously include:The brake light [if mounting position is adjustable] is out of adjustment, orThe brake light switch contacts are fused ["welded"/melted] together, orThe brake light switch is otherwise defective.

1992 gmc sierra brake lights notworking good fuses but no brake lights after trucks steering column was broken in theft what could be the problem?

Check stop light switch at top area or brake pedal - maybe damaged when column broken

1998 gmc sierra tail lights do not work when i turn the head lights on. bulbs are good brake lights work reverse lights work?

98 sierra1500 4x4 all lights work excepttail lights fuses are good bulbs are new

Daewoo brake lights?

Yes, it has brake lights.

Why Lexus LS400 brake lights don't work Is not the brake switch Any suggestions?

earth leak or fuse if you are certain the sender switch at top of brake pedal is ok.Put tester on circuit to establish feed or no feed

How do you turn off daytime running lights on a Z71 1998 GMC sierra?

push in the e brake pedal 1 click

You have a 1985 Safari the back brake lights and blinkers don't work Any suggestions on what you should check now?

has anyone checked the fuses and bulbs?

Where is the fuse for the brake lights at your brake lights arent working and i don't know what the prob is?

check under the hood of the vehicle...there should be a rectangular or square box with fuses there...there is also one under the dash of the vehicle. If it isn't the fuse check the bulbs... check the switch under the dash where the brake pedal rests in may need adjusting, broken, or just stuck in and not popping out when you apply the brake. Push it in and out severel times and see if the lights come on.

Chevy Tahoe brake lights?

Yes they indeed have brake lights...

What if the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up?

Then the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up. (:

96 Chevy Suburban no dash lights and no tail lights Any suggestions Turn signals brake lights etc work fine?

my 98 suburban did the same thing. when i changed my headlight switch that turns them off and on, they started working again.

What is the problem if all running lights and tail lights work but the brake lights don't on a 2000 F-250?

check the fuse, brake lights have their own, & check the brake switch at the top of the brake pedal

Both the brake as well as headlights turn on when you turn on the lights on your 1997 Jetta GLS Brake lights stay on while driving What should you be doing?

are you sure it is the brake lights and not the tail lights. if it is the brake lights you most likely have a short some where. go to a auto eletrican It is the brake lights which turn on. Short in the switch or the wiring?

Why do your running lights work but not your brake lights on your 91 Chevy?

on the brake pedal under the dash is a brake light switch. that when you depress the brake it turns your lights on. you might wanna check that

On your 1996 GMC Sierra your brake lights don't work but your turn signals work why?

Although both signal lights and stop lights are within the same lens, they operate on different wiring. The bulb will usually have two filaments, one for stop and one for signal. If the brake lights are not working, the problem is probably a blown fuse or a faulty break light switch.

What makes the parking and dash lights not work on a 1990 GMC Sierra but turn and brake lights do?

They're on a different circuit. The parking and dash lights go through the headlight switch. It could be the switch, a bad wire/connector or a burned fuse.

Do the brake lights turn on with a hand brake?

No , the rear brake lights do not turn on when you use your parking brake , just the brake light on your dash is supposed to come on

Hazard lights out on 1992 GMC Sierra Signals work brake lights work could it be a relay If not what else?

Fuse or 4 way flasher unit there are 2 flashers on for turns one for 4 ways

Why do your brake lights come on when your headlights are on?

they are not brake lights they are fog lights and they turn on because it is for the car behind to see you

Why do brake lights stay on when you turn headlights on on your Astra?

the brake lights are on a separate cuircut,if your brake lights are staying then it will be a fault with the brake light switch. the switch is located under dash,and will be on or very close to brake pedal.