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Since the father is a minor, I would think that his parents have rights.

2006-07-20 16:37:42
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Are citizens born in Matamoros Mexico amereican?

If you mean "American" as in someone born in the Americas, yes. If you mean "American" as in a US citizen, no; they are Mexican, unless one of their parents is American.

What is the difference between Latino and chicano?

A Latino is someone who is of central american deccent. A chicano is someone who's parents were born in Mexico and you were born in the United States. And a Hispanic and someone who is from Spain or in that area.

How can someone get a visa to America from Mexico?

At the American embassy in Mexico City:

What nationality is Selena Gomez?

Shes american and her parents are from mexico and italy.So she is Mexican and Italian and american

What do you call a person who his perents are Mexicans and he is not Mexican?

Well, I hope what you're trying to ask is "What do you call a person who's parents were born in Mexico, but they were not." You call someone who was born in Mexico, Mexican. Someone who's parents are Mexican (Born in Mexico) they are called Mexican- Americans.

If an American couple have a baby in Mexico will they receive dual citizenship?

unfortunately, not the parents.

What is your origin if you are born in the us and parents are from Mexico?

You are Mexican-American, but your citizenship would be either American, Mexican or both.

Can an American adopt a child in Mexico that the Mexican parents give permission to adopt?


Can someone become president of Mexico even though they were not born in Mexico?

Only if at least one of your parents holds a Mexican citizenship.

Was John Denver Indian?

n,born in roswell,New Mexico,both parents American

What do you call someone from New Mexico?

Even though the state has the word 'Mexico' in it doesn't mean its a Mexican country. New Mexico is just as much a part of the United States as Maine and Alaska are. Someone from New Mexico is an American. They can also be a New Mexican, just like someone from Minnesota is a Minnesotan.

Is Jessica Alba Mexico americana?

No. Her great-grandparents were Mexican immigrants, but her grandparents, parents and herself are American-born.

What is the nationality of Aaron Diaz's parents?

The nationality of Aaron Diaz's parents are Irish-American and Mexican. Aaron Diaz's father is Mexican and his mother is Irish-American. Aaron Diaz was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Do you assume child support debt if you marry someone who is paying in New Mexico?

No. Only biological parents or adopting parents are responsible for the financial support of minor children.

If two Mexican people have a baby that is born in the United States are the parents of that baby American citizens?

No but the baby can be a citizen of Mexico and America, but because the parents are both citizens of mexica, then the baby will default to a Mexico Citizenship, that he can dispute at the age of 18.

Was Mitt Romney born in Mexico?

No. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan. Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, was born in Mexico to American parents serving as missionaries.

What are you considered to be if your parents were born in Mexico and the children were born in the US?

You would be the classic example of a second-generation Mexican-American.

What does it mean of someone is a second generation immigrant?

That their parents were the ones who were actually the immigrants. For example, if someone moves from Spain to Mexico, their children would be second generation immigrants.

If you were born in the USA and your parents were born in Mexico what are you?

Mexican fist of all both your parents and grandparents are from Mexico.

Is Mexico part of North American or south American?

Mexico belongs to the North American subcontinent.

Who were the first settlers in the valley of Mexico?

The Olmec, they were the fathers of the mesoamerican culture.

Where was Paula DeAnda originally from?

Paula is Mexican-American. Her parents were born in Mexico and migrated (legaly) to the U.S. She was born in Texas, she is Chicana.

What did Mexico call the Mexican-American War?

Invasion Estadounidense de Mexico or: American invasion of Mexico

Has Selena gomez been to Mexico?

Selena Gomez travels throughout the world, don't you think shes been to Mexico?ImproveHer fathers from Mexico what do you think?

Is the central American border the Mexico American border?

No. Central America starts at the Mexico-Guatemala and Mexico-Belize border.