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What if the crankshaft position sensor is broke off in the block How do you get it out?

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The easiest way I have found is to push the broken sensor all the way in the block and turn the crankshaft. This action will break the sensor off in pieces as they will fall into the oil pan. This may sound like a dumb idea to some , but it has worked for years.

I find that with most of those sensors have a plastic housing, so just put a bit of heat on them and they will shrink and you can just pull it right out easy.

2010-10-18 02:38:18
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1999 GST you broke a small sensor that was attached to the bottom gear-crankshaft as you were removing the tiiming belt what does it do?

that is the crankshaft sensor, it tells what position the crank is in to tell the computer when to fire injectors and spark.

Why don't i have spark for my 2001 galant?

why dont i have spark on 2001 galant you might have to change your Crankshaft position sensor. i just had that problem with my galant after timing belt broke.

You have a2001 Mazda 626 that the alternator belt broke on changed the belt as well as the spark plugs and wires but now the car won't start the battery turns over but it doesn't start help?

Check your Crankshaft position sensor. Located on the right of the crankshaft. Probably got damaged when belt broke.

Could a broken PVC elbow or vacuum line cause the crank position sensor to go out?

No it wouldn't, but jump starting the car or over heating the engine would crap out the sensor. I'm in the process of changing my crank position sensor now, but my original broke in my engine block ... so I need to drill a hole so I can pull it out without pushing it in my block. :(

How can you get the crank sensor out of the block when it is broke on a 31 grand prix 1989?

pull it apart

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 1989 2.8L Chevy Celebrity?

As I recall on my '87 chev celeb wagon (multiport 2.8) its on the back bottom of the block between the firewall and the motor. If the sensor is old (and it prolly is) it will be brittle and probably break off as you try to remove it. I guess you could spray wd40 or something on it but mine broke off and I had to pay somebody to take off the oilpan and pop it out from the inside. You might be able to do that yourself but if not now ya know what to expect. GOOD LUCK!

How can you get the crank sensor out of the block when it is broke off?

AnswerI am not sure exactly where you broke it and what broke but check out the following website for pics and instructions on how to remove. this helps."G" OK ITS THE METAL PART THAT GOES IN THE ENGIE

Why wont your dodge caravan start after changing the transmission?

you didnt connect the crankshaft sensor on the bell housing of the tranny or you have the sensor too far from the torque converter just adjust it down but not too far down that it touches the convertor. or else the sensor is defective or the wire is broke. it controls thespark to the engine

When your Old Timing Belt Broke you can get valve camshaft in position cannot get crankshaft into position to put new timing belt on?

you need a large socket and a breaker bar to manually turn the cam until the timing mark is placed right

What type of socket fits into the crank position sensor of a 95 Chevrolet Blazer k 1500 I broke mine need a quick fix.?

Sorry I meant knock sensor on 1993 Chevy blazer k1500

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a Chevy S-10 22L 4-cylinder engine?

On a '99 S-10 2.2, the camshaft position sensor is located on the passenger side of the engine block, about halfway back. You can access it through the wheel well (remove the wheel first, and be sure to use a reliable jack stand). It is directly in front of the coil pack, (about 2 - 3 inches). It has a 3-prong plug. Be very careful when trying to remove it. (I broke the crankshaft sensor off, almost had to pull the engine. I ended up drilling two holes in it and pulling it with a small needle-nosed vice grip.) Don't try to pry it out with a screwdriver. Get ahold of it with vice grips and pull with a twisting motion.

How do you change crankshaft position sensor on 2003 Jeep Liberty?

I would not recommend changing this yourself. I just tried replacing mine yesterday and the old one broke off inside the block and fell into the oil pan. Now, I either have to remove the front suspension or pull the engine to remove the oil pan. Take it to a dealer, and when it breaks it is their problem. I was able to access this part from under the passenger side of the truck. It is above midway back on the engine block and is slightly hidden behind a frame mount. You will most likely see a wiring harness that enters the engine block at a 90 degree. Unscrew the one screw holding it in and gently wiggle it straight out of the engine block. Mine came out with no issues.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 1998 Chevy S10 4-cylinder?

It is located on the passenger side of the engine block just under the ignition module you can see it from underside. The easiest way to see it and access it is to jack up the passenger side front wheel and take the wheel off there is a rubber flap in the wheel well you can push out of your way. I am warning you be very careful removing it mostly made of plastic I broke one off leaving most of the sensor in the engine block had to drill the rest of it out which was no fun not alot of room for you to work. Get yourself a bottle of PB Blaster and keep spraying it as your pulling out before you try pulling out the sensor try to get it free enough that you can spin it around. Hope this helps good luck it fits pretty tight!

93 dodge shadow 2.2 your mechanic replaced the transmission but broke a sensor on the front of the engine on the lower end of the block its not the coolant temperature sensor or distributor pickup?

Is it the Oil Sending Unit or as some people likes to call it the Oil Pressure Switch...

Would a faulty crankshaft cause your car to not start?

Only if it was broke in half and that is very doubtful.

A large hole in the side of an engine or through the oil pan usually means the engine was damaged in what way?

That means a piston rod broke are came off of the crankshaft and went through the oil pan are side of engine block. It's JUNK

97 ford contour died and wont start could the timing belt cause this it is not broke checked fuel and spark?

Sounds like my same problem. It was the Camshaft position sensor. Hope this helps.

Y did new kids on the block break up?

they broke up?

Is block a short o vowel word?

Yes, block has a short "o" sound. "Broke" has a long "o" sound.

How do you make sure camshafts valves are in right position with crankshaft if timing chain broke on 2.7 liter Dodge Intrepid 2001?

There are marks on both the cam mounted gears and the crankshaft. The problem is that the 2.7 engine is an interference engine which means the valves will hit the pistons if it is out of time, when your belt broke it most likely bent some valves. The best thing to do is replace the engine with a 3.2 or 3.5, if you can find a 2.7 that is good you can do that but future issues can return do to poor design of that engine.

What causes a hole in a engine block?

A hole in your block comes from massive mechanical failure. Mostly a broke rod or crank. If you have a hole in your block, you need a new motor.

How do you know if your sensor bar is broke on the wii?

You know its broke by pointing the wii remote at it and you cant see the arrows your wii remote makes.

94 dodge shadow 2.5 your mechanic replaced the ENGINE but broke a sensor on the front of the engine think it is the temperature sensor Can it still be driven?

no it could keep your electric fans from coming on if your mechanic broke it you should have your mechanic replace it

How do you know if you fractured your tail bone?

You cant move from the position you broke it

What is a thrown rod?

it is a connecting rod that has seized on the crank / broke and went thru the block