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What if the date of the last activity is blank or reported as NA?

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This is often the case as it is not updated. You should call and make sure they are kept current in their reporting.

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Where can you find the date of last activity for an item on a credit report?

Your TRW should have a date field where the vendor last reported, like (10/99) for october of 1999.

Can a reporting agency change dates on credit report after a dispute?

Yes, the credit reporting agency can update the Date of Last Activity, Date last Reported, etc... But they cannot change the FCRA compliance date, which is the date the account is supposed to come off your credit report.

What is DLA?

Date of Last Activity

What if activity is reported and date changed to a previous date?

Write the creditor or reporter of the information and request verification of the debt, including the date of last activity. Ask for a detailed accounting of how that date was established. If you can establish another previous date, the reporting company would have to change it. But, note that you might be acknowledging the debt...and this could have its' own repercussions.

Does the date of last activity on a credit card debt collection mean the last time the card was used or the last payment that was made on the account?

Which ever is the most recent would be the date of last activity.

How do you find the date of last activity on an account on your credit report?

Where to find this information on a credit report unfortunately depends on where you obtained your credit report from since they (credit bureaus, mortgage lenders, etc.,) can all use different formats. However, there should be a column or section under each creditor/credit item listed that shows "Date of Last Activity", "DLA" or "Last Active". The three major bureaus are pretty good about putting this information in a separate column (near or underneath the Date Opened or Last/Date Reported). If all else fails, contact the creditor/collector directly (not the credit bureaus) for the most accurate information about the Date of Last Activity.

What is the difference between Date Reported and Date of Last Activity on a credit report?

The "date reported" or status date, is the date that the listing creditor lasted updated the information on a consumer's credit file. The DLA is the last time the consumer used an account, either by making a charge, making a payment (prior to default), or incurring service. The DLA is the date that triggers the countdown for how long information can show on a credit report and also triggers the statute of limitations (SOL) countdown for how long a consumer can be sued. The status date is the date that affects credit scores.

Will a dispute letter renew the date of last activity on a collection debt?

The letter itself will not change a DLA. The Date of Last Activity is SUPPOSED to be the date you last made a charge on the account, the date you acquired service, or 6 months from the date of last delinquency (if there is no other way to establish the DLA). Many collection agencies sidestep the Fair Credit Reporting Acts' statute of limitations by not reporting DLA's at all. How can they be expected to remove an account that is past the statute of limitations if they don't have the DLA? (tricky, huh?) Disputing a collection account will change the date the account was last reported on the bureaus. This date, much more than the DLA will cause the account to affect your credit score.

If negative info can only be reported for seven years how do you find out what the date of last activity means for a personal credit card?

The DLA is usually seen as being the last time a payment was made on the account. The date of last activity is the last time the account in question was paid as agreed immediately prior to its' default. Once a defaulted account is reported to the credit bureaus, the creditor has 90 days to identify the DLA. This date is THE date that triggers the 7 years countdown for its' reporting period and the statute of limitations for how long the consumer may be sued (under state laws). Nothing can legally change this date, even subsequent payment. This date should be identified in some manner on your credit report. If not, write the credit bureaus, quoting from the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and request identification of the DLA on the account in question.

How do you determine the date of last activity on your credit report?

The last activity is usually viewed as the last payment made. The rule of thumb is that the SOL begins six months after the account was defaulted on.

If something stays on your credit for 7 years from the 'last activity ' does this mean the last payment you made or the last collection attempt?

It means the first day the account became delinquent. Say your payment was due Jan 1, 1997 and your contract stated the account would be delinquent if payment was not received by Jan 15, 1997 and you made no payments on the account after that date. The date of last activity should be reported as Jan 15, 1997. If it is not then dispute the account with the CRA's.

Last Reported Mileage ?

Last Reported Mileage

What does the acronym DLA stand for in an equifax credit report?

Date Of Last Activity

What does DLA mean regarding credit?

You're probably referring to the abbreviation for Date of Last Activity

Can the statute of limitation start when a new creditor gets your old debt?

The statute of Limitations is based on the date of last activity (last payment made by the consumer or the date of charge off).

Should debts that are over 5 years old be off of your credit report and how can you get them off?

The statute of limitations on accounts reported to your credit history is 7 years from the "date of last activity" on the account. Bankruptcys remain on for 10 years from the date files, Tax Liens 7 years from the date paid. Repossession, P&Ls, Collections, and Foreclosure - 7 years from the date of original delinquincy.

What is the statute of limitations for credit card fraud in Ohio?

They are written contracts, so 15 years from the date of the "write off" or the date of the last activity on the account, whichever is earlier. "last activity" includes promises to pay, or partial payments made. That resets the clock. Look on credit report to see when the account was "charged" off or "written" off or the date of the last "activity" on the account. It's 15 years from the earlier of those dates.

Will paying a collection account improve your credit?

It will, as long as the collection's date of last activity is within the last 6 months. Paying a collection resets the date of last activity and may wind up hurting your credit score. It is better to have an old collection with a balance than a new collection without a balance.

What does the term DLA mean?

It refers to the "date of last activity" on an account; for example, when the account was charged off.

What is the statute of limitations on unpaid medical bill in Nevada?

Four years from the date of last activity on the account.

If a creditor does not report the date an accounts payments became delinquent when does the 7 year SOL begin?

In most cases the SOL begins 180 days after the date of the last activity (DLA) of the account. DLA means the default date or last payment date.

How long is the sol when a debt is transferred from collection agency to collection agency does the date of last activity that starts the sol change or is it actually from start of the deliquence from?

The SOL is from the "date of last activity" from the ORIGINAL creditor. State laws varied, but most are within 4 to 5 years from the dla.

What is the statute of limitation on credit card debt in texas?

The statue of limitation is 4 years from the date of last activity.

What is kelly kelly last name?

her last name is Blank

When does the statute of limitations on credit card debt begin in California?

I believe the statute starts to run from the date of last activity