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That's not very likely.

The insurance company does not file your claim, they accept your claim notice from you.

You have to file your claim with the company, not the other way around.

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Well, your answer is essentially whatever the statute of limitations is legally, regardless of what your insurance company says. In most cases a reasonable delay in filing accompanied by an explanation for the delay will suffice.

Preexisting Home DamageMost states only allow a maximum 2 year delay in filing a claim.There is no such thing as a retroactive claim. Homeowners Insurance policies "Do Not" cover preexisting damage and the claim should be filed with the Insurance company that was covering the home at the time the damage occurred.Other answersMost do however it depends upon the claim and what state you are in. Also the period of time cannot usually be over 12 months.

It is always a good idea to file insurance claims as soon as possible. There is no good reason to delay (although if you are hospitalized, you might need help filing the claim). Delays of a month would not be unusual. People have lots of things on their minds, and it could take that long to get around to the matter of insurance claims. Longer delays than that would seem excessive although not necessarily so excessive as to cause the insurance company to reject the claim. If you let it go for a year, however, that is too long.

If you filed a claim against the other automobile then their insurance company will call you to verify information. It is standard procedure. Most likely they are calling to confirm information and to get your perspective of what happened. Not taking the calls from the other insurance company could delay any claims filed.

She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.She can delay the settlement of the estate by filing objections and claims against the estate.

Great question! Most state laws require the insurance company to pay a claim within 30 to 90 days, however there are caveats. The caveat is "unless more time is required". This, of course, allows an insurer to delay as long as they want. If you have a claim that is being delayed I recommend you contact the Center for Life Insurance Disputes. They help people with delayed and denied life insurance claims.

No, Death claim proceeds are tax free including Dividend. If there is any interest paid on death claim proceed due to delay in death claim settlement, then paid interest can be taxable.

can I claim disability allowance if my child suffers from global delay

For insurance companies to adjust your claim they are entitled to check certain legal documents. Requesting bank/ credit information could be a legitimate request to substantiate your claim (for example: how much you paid for the vehicle), or it could be a way to delay processing your claim to give the claim adjuster more time to further investigate the claim.

There are a number of things that cruise travel insurance will provide customers. The insurance covers things such as trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage delay or loss, medical expenses and trip delay or missed connection. It is best to check with ones insurance company to get detailed specifics.

"I'm not a lawyer but I play one on the Web..." No they can't deny the claim, if their client has a legal liability. His lack of cooperation could delay getting it settled. You should ask for compensation for costs associated with those delays. Document them.

If they can prove that the delay has caused them a loss, then yes.

Shouldn't affect your ability to file a claim, but there are deadlines so don't delay.

Payment of the medical service is quicker if you bill quickly.Payment is slower when you delay billing.Billing the claim asap also allows time for taking care of any problems with the payment by the insurance carrier or for the insurance carrier to resolve problems with the claim.

Payment of the medical service is quicker if you bill quickly.Payment is slower when you delay billing.Billing the claim asap also allows time for taking care of any problems with the payment by the insurance carrier or for the insurance carrier to resolve problems with the claim.

When someone has lost a loved one unexpectedly, she can struggle with grief, pain, regret and depression. She believes that the life insurance will arrive in time to help cover funeral expenses and mounting bills. However, some insurance companies will try to deny every life insurance claim that they possibly can. If this happens, the beneficiary should seek the legal advice to a lawyer that specializes in life insurance law.How Life Insurance WorksLife insurance is offered to individuals at a monthly or annual premium that is determined based on the policy holder's health history, age and on actuary tables. Each month or year the policy holder pays the premium in order to ensure that the beneficiary will receive the life insurance money when the policy holder dies.Filing a ClaimOnce a loved one dies, the beneficiary must complete an application to receive benefits. An insurance lawyer can assist the beneficiary to complete the application. Some insurance companies will deny a claim based on what they perceive as a misrepresentation or for an application that was not filled out correctly.Other Potential ProblemsSome life insurance claims may be denied or delayed because the life insurance suspects that the deceased's death was caused by foul play. They may also delay the process if the police are currently investigating the death of the deceased. The insurance company may also require the beneficiary to submit an autopsy report or death certificate before the company will release the claim.How an Insurance Lawyer Can HelpAn insurance lawyer can provide many benefits to clients. She can help complete insurance forms and help secure the documentation that the insurance company requires. A skilled lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company in order to secure the funds that the beneficiary is entitled to receive. If the insurance company does not comply with its duty to provide compensation to the beneficiary, a lawyer can file a complaint with the court and advocate on behalf of the client. An insurance lawyer may be able to receive a court judgment ordering the insurance company to pay the amount of the policy so that the beneficiary receives the compensation that she deserves. The insurance lawyer may be able to seek additional damages for insurance bad faith. If you have not received the insurance compensation that you deserve, contact an insurance lawyer to protect your rights.

It depends on the reason for the claim, the policy provisions and the laws of the State where the company is domiciled and where the loss took place. If you are filing a claim against your own policy, the time frame varies. If your claim has been denied and you wish to file suit, you will generally have to do so within the time prescribed by the applicable state's statute of limitations for suits on written contracts. Note, though, that a particular state may have specific rules pertaining to suits on insurance policies. If you are filing a claim against someone else's policy (such as under completed operations coverage) then, depending on the laws of the State, there really is no time frame. However, if you wait too long, the insurer may assert the defense of "laches". This means that the insurer feels that it has been prejudiced by the delay in making the claim such that it did not have a chance to timely investigate, preserve evidence, or do such other things as insurers do when a claim is timely made. Note though, that if you need to file suit to recover damages from the other party, suit must be filed within the applicable Statute of Limitations. This is the time provided by the law of the state in which you will file suit for commencing a lawsuit based upon the wrongful act that you allege. Most states require that you bring suit directly against the party who committed the wrongful act, and not against his/her/its insurer. If you have a question about it, the best thing to do is file the claim. If the insurance company has reasons to deny the claim they will, but the worst that can happen is that they will tell you 'no'. If that happens, you are free to proceed as above.

Usually less than 30 days after all information has been supplied to the insurance company to process the claim. If there's some question concerning the death of the insured, the police department may have asked that the insurance company delay in making the payment. a month or year to be gay Why does it take so long? I would think since i have had this Insurance for so many years I have always met my payments prior to time. How come you take a year to repay. I should have paid my own payment into a separate account to draw on at death.

If you are the beneficiary, this is a very long period of time. Consider calling the insurance company and ask what the delay is. If there's an executor, you should contact them as well.

your insurance contract will have wording similar to the following, ''you must promptly report ALL accidents'' is a good idea to report, just in case a problem regarding liability, policy status, etc. with the other company should occur, and your company can help with that.....if you delay in reporting then a problem occurs your company COULD (rarely do however) refuse to pay.......or assist..........

Auto insurance companies are incentivized to delay the payment of claims because it gives them longer to dispute the claim, and could induce the claimant to accept a lower amount due to financial necessity. The question about how to get reimbursed faster probably depends more upon the facts of the individual accident than it does upon which insurance company you are dealing with. The more clear-cut the case is, the less they can dispute it, the faster you get paid.

If one's car is stolen, the first step is to call the police and provide information on the stolen vehicle; then follow the advice of the police as quickly as possible so as not to delay recovery of the vehicle. The next step is to contact the insurance provider to process an insurance claim.

Travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular as more travelers come to see trips as investments in recreation. There are two basic types of travel insurance: trip cancellation and/or delay insurance and travel medical insurance. Trip cancellation and delay insurance protects a traveler in the event that an unforeseen circumstance causes them to change the timing of their trip in some way. Travel medical insurance protects the traveler in the event that he or see falls unexpectedly ill while traveling. If you want the best travel insurance, don't buy from your travel provider: If that company goes out of business and your trip is cancelled, they won't be around for you to collect your insurance compensation either.

It could, but mostly because of the rapid influx of people filing at the same time.

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