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Yes. He just let the miscarriage have it's course. Miscarriage is very common and women have babies after that.

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Q: What if the doctor made you bleed out on your own can you still have a healthy baby?
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What is the best thing to do if you got vaginal bleeding while pregnant?

Go to see your doctor, most of the time if you bleed while you are pregnant your doctor will put you on bed-rest. However, saying that, there are a lot of women who bleed right through their pregnancy and have a perfectly healthy baby!

If you hAVe had 4 miscarries can you AV a baby?

There are women that have several miscarriages in their life but still get a healthy baby. It depends on age and why you miscarried. Maybe you need to be evaluated by a doctor.

You are about 8 weeks pregnant and had a heavey bleed for 2 mins then nothing afterwards have you iost the baby?

its best to call your doctor or go to an er in any sign of a bleed. if you have not lost the baby the bleed can cause damage to the fetus.

If on postpartum period and received depo shot after having baby should you bleed heavy?

you should ask your doctor

How do you know if your baby will be healthy and normal?

There is no way to read the future and know for certain, but if you go to your prenatal exams and follow the doctor's orders, you have the best chance of a healthy baby.

Can punching yourself make you lose the baby?

No. You can never inflict that much trauma on yourself and if someone does it for you, you will be hurt before you abort. Your uterus can rupture and you can become sterile, have to have a hysterectomy or bleed to death. A healthy pregnancy is not that easy to remove. You have to see a doctor.

Could you still be pregnant if you still bleed when your period is due?

this means you are no longer pregnant. you were either not pregnant, or you have lost the baby.

You had a baby 4 weeks ago you are still bleeding lightly can you get pregnant?

i think it's possible but after you have your baby u suppose 2 bleed

Can you kill the baby by squeeze the stomach?

No you can not. A healthy pregnancy is not easy to end which is why you need the doctor to do it safely.

Can you be pregnant but bleed at the time of the month?

yes you can be pregnant and still have your period on the day you are suppose to have it i know this is true because my older cousin had a period for seven months on her day she was suppose to start her cycle and she had a healthy 10 pound baby boy

Could you be pregnant and still bleed?

Yes you can. Some women may experience partial periods which would seem like normal period cycles. Providing you have your checks ups and the doctor is happy there should be no risk to the baby or yourself.

Can you have brown discharge and still have a healthy pregnancy?

You need to see the doctor about this. You can still be treated during pregnancy and there is no reason it would harm the baby if you had some kind of infection. It may also be blood stained, but you are best to go to the dr. Good luck