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What if the driver's side rear window has come apart from the track on your 1998 Sienna Can you fix this yourself If so how?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-16 11:15:24

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read up on it, its actually simple, you'll need to remove the door panel, and check all the obvious for anything broken, and check where the glass mounts to the up on it first... everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

2006-07-16 11:15:24
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Your 1995 Nissan 240 SX power window switch for drivers side is lose and stopped working window is down need to know steps to remove panel and manually pull window up?

try removing switch, and jumping the wires, this should raise window with out pulling door apart

How do you repair the drivers side power window switch on a 2002 subaru outback?

Easy - replace it. Seriously, I have tried and there is no simple fix. Usually if you take the specific switch apart - which usually renders it inoperable - you will find that it is charged from the arcing over time and repeated use, especially the drivers window with the auto down function. Just go to a junkyard, eBay or wherever you prefer, and buy the entire assembly with all four window switches.

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How do you rewind cables on wheel to drivers window of 1995 Toyota Camry Coupe?

Forget about it, it came apart because something broke. Buy a replacement assembly from your local auto parts store from Dorman products.

How do you repair window weatherstripping on 1998 blazer?

If you cannot just refasten weatherstripping to fix it, the easiest way is to replace it. Apart from that, when replacing weatherstripping on a window, it is good to replace all of the material, not only the damaged part. If you cannot repair it yourself, it is always possible to take the car to the mechanic.

How to fix a power window on a 98 Toyota Sienna?

I have removed and repaired the window motors on our Sienna van. Remove the door handle and and I believe there two bolts to remove before pulling off the inside panel which is just a pop off proceedure. I can't remember exactly how to remove the motor but it is fairly clear. Once the motor is removed take it apart and solder the circuit braker contacts together. If you are not comfortable with soldering, take the motor to a repair shop and have them do it. I have done both motors in our 98 and have had no more problems. This is somewhat vague but it's been awhile.

How much should it cost to repair a 2001 Altima GXE drivers power window that will not go up but you can hear the motor running so the window must be off the track?

Your window motor and regulator are fine. if you remove the door panel (3 screws) lift up and pull out the panel there will be plastic sealed by black silicone. Behind this you should see the window does not bolt/rivet to the window regulator. The window actually sits in a bracket and is held in by silicone for glass. These commonly break apart and you need to remove the old silicone and reseal the window and allow to dry overnight.

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Can you manually roll up a power window?

no. this window is locked on a track and connected to cables or gears. If you take everything apart and shim up the window only and still it does not come open easily.

How do you repair a switch on the drivers side window that won't roll down The other windows work perfectly?

If you're sure it's the switch, you'll have to replace the whole switch module. Some people have had limited success by taking it apart and cleaning it. However, the majority of window problems on the Buick are actually bad window regulators. Here's a link that shows how to replace one.

02 Silhouette-drivers window is binding. I am looking to clean it out which means taking it apart. What is the best way?

My 2000 did the same thing! Front track bent! and bending it back won't fix it. You'll have to buy a new one.

Power window not working 1997 Chevy Malibu?

I have a Malibu 97 and the drivers side power windows control panel has come apart. I was using a screw driver to open and close my window and sparks would often fly... Took out the whole part, just unpops from the door, and its moduler, so you might try replacing the unit...If you problem is similar.

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How do you fix electric window on suzuki grand vitara?

I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 1999. Today I pushed the button to roll the window down! Then realized the switch is broken! I started taking it apart it won't come all the way apart but little white clips fell out of there! can this be taken apart? if so HOW? Please

How do you replace a driver side window for a 1993 ford escort not a power window just a regular manual window?

take the door apart remove all old parts and replace its just that easy

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well, i would suggest trying to find out yourself that is what i did when i had to take apart my door on my suv.

How do you fix leaky rear window?

Something cars start falling apart. When a window starts to leak, it is important to check the seals on the door and outside of the door. Also, be sure the check that the window is going up completely and that there are no holes.

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My drivers side window on your 2001 town and country sometimes stops going up or down but will work again if you leave it alone for 10 min What could be the cause?

the brushes on the motor i suspect are dirty. the samething happened to my girls 2001 voyager. i took it apart cleaned them, and it has worked fine since then

How do you fix automatic window in 2000 vw jetta.The window wont roll up but I can hear the motor going?

you have to take the door apart. from there if you can't figure it out then you probably need to take it to a mechanic

What part do you need to buy if your car window does not roll down manually?

The part you probably need is called the window regulator, but the door should be taken apart first to determine what went wrong.