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Check the fuseThere is usually a separate fuse for the regular and the max fan speeds. Check the manual or fuse box covers for the fuse location and size, then pull it and see if it is blown.

merury villager and Nissan quest both use a fan resister located near th blower motor underneath the glove box. L,M,MH operate on resistors and high speed bypasses the resistor so your resistor plug is burnt out on the first three speeds if you still have high speed.if you have no fan on any speed then you have another problem.

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What if the fan switch on your 00' Villager only works on the High position How do you fix it?

Possibly resistor pack on blower motor needs replacing

Why will the heater in a 1996 Grand Am with 4 pos heater switch not work on HIGH but it works in all 3 other positions?

Your heater switch may not need to be replaced. The heater high position is controlled by a fuse under the hood. Until you find the fuse and replace it, your new switch will not work. JRR.

If The air in your truck only works on high do you need a new switch?

possibly a blower motor. or switch

Blower switch only works on low high 2000 Camry?

either the switch or the fan motor

Fan blower switch for 2002 Chevy impala ac and heater only works in high position already replaced unit with new one?

Defective blower motor resistor pack.

Does the switch from low power to high power change the position of the image under microscope?

No it does not

Why does The air conditioner in your car only work on high?

it is the blower motor resistor. it works on high because on high it bypasses the switch

Why does the heater fan only works when the switch is in the high position of your 2002 Chevy prism not the first 3 positions?

replace the blower fan resistor located under the dash behind the glove box

How do you switch to 4wheel high on 2000 navigator?

The drive switch to the lower right of the steering wheel has 3 positions: Left to right they are A4WD, H4WD and L4WD. When the switch is in the H4WD position, you are in High 4 Wheel Drive.

Why does Loose accelerator cable do high revs on Mazda Demio?

Its probably the throttle position switch.

How do you change the fan switch on 1999 Mercury Cougar?

Why are you replacing the switch? If the fan works only on high speed, replace the fan resistor. There was a TSB for this.

2001 Pontiac grand prixfan works on high only for acheater bloweri have already changed resistor for blower and still only works on high?

Blower switch and connection had a melt down.

2003 jeep wrangler heater fan switch works on high only?

Replace the blower motor resistor.

Fan only works on high on a 2004 highlander?

faulty switch, replace it(the one on your climate control panel)

Can you use a toggle switch to turn your windshield wipers on and off?

Yes you can. I did it to my 91 s10 however you wont have control over your wiper speed since its only a two position switch on/off. I have a 3 position switch on/off/on one for slow and one for high however I have not tried this out yet.

Your blower runs at high speed all the time even when you shut the engine?

The switch in the dash may have faulted out in the "on" position.

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The cast of High Threat Scenario - 2012 includes: Elvira Alexeeva as Female Villager Josh Babich as Male Villager Nikita Bogolyubov as Male Villager Yuri Bradac as Male Villager Laura Brunkala as Female Villager Alara Ceri as Female Villager Sgt de la Cruz as SGT Salazar Robert Dorne as Serbian Security Guard Benjamin Franczuszki as Male Villager Jessica Helmer as Female Villager Ritchie Hoffman as Male Villager Jasyn Jefferies as Male Villager Anya Kosta as Female Villager Jarad Long as Background Soldier Amelia Morck as Jennifer Lowe Mckeel Robins as Dr. Pierce

How a relay works?

A relay takes a high current circuit and uses low current to turn the high current on and off. Its basically a high current switch. There are coils that are designed to handle the high currents constantly. A switch could do the job of turning circuits on and off but has a drastic higher failure rate.

What is ford engine code 123?

Trouble code P0123 means:Throttle/pedal position sensor/switch A circuit high input

During the post-instalation checks of the secondary distribution center what position should the high temperature override switch be in?


How do you fix the blower motor switch that only works on high on a 2001 dodge durango?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out.

Why do interior lights stay on constantly on your 1999 Tahoe?

The dimmer switch has a setting which turns on the dome light. Just after turning it to high you should be able to 'click' it into the position required for the interrior lights. The dimmer switch has a setting which turns on the dome light. Just after turning it to high you should be able to 'click' it into the position required for the interrior lights.

If your AC works fine then stops and later starts working fine again and the system is full is there some switch that needs to be replaced?

sounds like the high pressure switch ase in air!!!!!!!

What is fault code P0123 in 2004 wrangler?

Trouble code P0123 means:Throttle/pedal position sensor/switch A circuit high input

Why does your front heater ac blower only work sometimes and the rear works fine on a 1992 ford e 150?

The front and rear blowers are controlled by two different switches or circuits. An intermittent problem with a front a/c heater blower is typically in the directional flow switch, Try this: turn the key to on (the vehicle does not have to be running) 2. move your selector switch to any position such as defrost, front vents, lower vents etc. 3. Then move your fan speed switch. 4. If the fan fails in any of the selector switch modes, then the selector switch is bad. If the fan fails when moving the fan speed switch from low to medium to high then it is the fan speed switch, however there is one catch, and that would be if only the high speed fan position does not work, then it is probably the high blow relay, but could be both the high blow relay and the fan speed switch. The high blow or max air position pushes the highest amperage through the switches causing heat, which can over time cause a solder connection or circuit board to heat up and loose its connection. To change the speed and selector switches you will need to remove the cover plate on the a/c,heater controls on the dash. Then there should be 4 screws and the unit holding the switches can be pulled out and each switch can be tested with a jumper or replace the switch.