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What if the first year of the lt1 which is 93 what trannsmition did the use 4l60E?

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If I understand correctly what you are asking.....The 1993 Camaro (Z28) had an LT1 engine, but used the non-electric version 4L60. The 4L60E was not used until 1994.

2007-04-21 19:59:14
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Q: What if the first year of the lt1 which is 93 what trannsmition did the use 4l60E?
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What transmission does the lt1 have?


What type of transmission does a 1993 Chevy Camaro Z28 come with Is it the LS1 or the LT1?

The LS1 and LT1 designations are for the engine not the transmission. A 1993 Camaro Z28 would have originally been fitted with an LT1 engine. Available transmissions behind the LT1 would have been the Borg Warner T-56 (manual), or the 4L60E (automatic).

Will a 1994 5.7 lt1 caprice fit in a 1991 caprice?

Yes a lt1 will fit in a 1991, but i believe the motor mounts are a little different for the lt1. You cannot transplant it though without an PCM from an lt1, which needs a 4l60E transmission to control the transmission and engine codes. There are standalone kits available but they cost more than a PCM.

What type of transmission does a 1994 Z28 with a LT1 motor have?

either a 4l60e which is a 4 speed automatic, or a t56 6 speed which is a manual

Did the lt1 come standard in the 1993 buick road master?

it didnt 1994 was the first year

1994 Corvette Specifications what is the horsepower on the LT1 that came stock in that year?

300 hp for the LT1

Will a 700r4 work in a 1995 firebird with the 5.7 It has a 4L60e in it.?

No. Unless you replace the motor. The 1995 Pontiac/Chevrolet 5.7L LT1 is electronically controlled and the 4L60E is also electronically controlled. Both must be present for the drive-train to operate. If you replace the motor with a standard 5.7L non-electronic, you could put a 700R4 transmission in the car. Yes it will. The 4L60E is an electronic version of the 700r4. You need to slightly modify it but it will work. My 86 Iroc is rolling a LT1 from a 97 Fbody and a beefed up 700r4

What year heads are 3873487?

1971 chev truck/corvette/lt1

Can you take the water pump off of your 92 caprice with the 350 v8 and put it in your 95 caprice with lt1?

no the lt1 water pumps uses a reverse flow 94 was the first year this was done. which allowed the engine to run cooler... higher displacement+ more HP

Will a1996 corvette engine fit in a 1996 caprice?

I believe that the both the 96 vette and caprice use the LT1 (I think 96 was the last year for the LT1). In that case, yes.

1994 Camaro Z28 Specifications what is the horsepower of the LT1 that came stock in that year?


Can the dual exhuast from a '94 lt1 swap with the '92 lt1?

There was no LT1 in the 1992 B body, the LT1 was introduced in the F body and Corvette in 1993, and 1994 in the B and D bodies.

How much does a 1995 Camaro lt1 ss have?

There was no Camaro LT1 "SS" in 1995, but the stock LT1 (assuming you were referring to horsepower) had 275 hp.

Will Chevy LT1 cylinder heads work on a 350 block?

lt1 is a 350

LT1 trans am how much horsepower?

The LT1 Trans am is rated to have 275whp from the factory.

Did 1994 z28 Camero come out with lt1 motor or ls1 motor?


How much hp does a stock 1995 LT1 firebird make?

The 1994 LT1 makes 275HP, while the 1995 LT1 makes 285HP stock.

1994 Corvette Specifications what is the horsepower on the LT1 that came stock in that year.?

The LT1, which was the base engine for the 1994 Corvette, was rated at 300 HP @ 5,000 RPM and 340 lb-ft of torque @ 3,600 RPM.

Does a 1992 camaro z28 with an LT1 have an ecm and pcm?

Is this a Factory LT1? In your 1992 Z28?

How do you tell if the AC just needs to be recharged or it needs to have parts replaced on a 92 caprice lt1?

in 92 caprice did not come with lt1 only corvette had lt1 in 92

Does every 1995 Chevy impala have a Lt1 engine?

All SS Chevy Impalas' had the LT1.

Can you swap a l99 directly out with a lt1 in a 1996 caprice?

no because the lt1 has a different transmission bellhousing

What year is Chevy cylinder head 3973487x?

1971-76 for a 350 , its a 75 cc head>> LT1 application

What has more horsepower a LT1 or a LS1?

a stock ls1 always has more power than a stock lt1

Did the lt1 come standard in the 1995 buick road master?

Yes. There were no engine options, the LT1 was the engine.