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There is always a chance of some sperm getting by even before ejaculation. The chance is there even though it is slim.

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How does a girl get pregenant?

Having sex without a condom can make a girl pregnant as well as not putting on the condom properly, making the condom break.

Can you get pregnant if the guy uses a condom takes it off and has sex without a condom then puts another condom on and has sex with it and then ejaculates in the condom?

You cannot get pregnant unless it breaks and leaks. So be sure to get a good condom, and make sure that if your partner ejaculates that the condom does not break

Without using a condom when can you not get pregnant?

There are no safe periods so always use a condom. A orgasm can make a woman start ovulating again.

How can you not get a girl pregnant without using a condom?

Make sure she is on birth control, but this does not protect either of you against STD's.

If you want to get pregnant do you have to wear a condom?

No dumby a condom is for when you don't want to get pregnant... but if your not using a confom make sure they don't have any std's

Can you get pregnant a day before your period but he wore a condom?

What sense does that make if he wore a condom then he did not nut inside of you unless the condom popped so that's not a smart question for a wanna be pregnant person.

Can wearing a Condom and Morning after pill make you pregnant?

If your partner uses a condom, and it does not break or tear or slip off, there should be no need to take the morning after pill. Even without a condom, as long as you take the morning after pill 48-72 hours after sex (I say 48 to be safe) you cannot be pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if you ejaculated in the condom took a shower wash your penis then put it back in without the condom?

You would want to have the condom on because a girl can get pregnant even of there is no proper ejaculation, and even after one has occurred and despite washing. This is because some fluid containing sperm cells will often be produced during intercourse and can make a female pregnant.

How do you make love without being pregnant and without using a condom?

Use birth control pills, or a diaphragm. Neither protect from STI's. And, of course, no form of birth control is 100% effective. Its best to double up. (Pills AND condom.)

Can pre-ejaculate make a female pregnant?

Unfortunately, yes, Pre-Cum /can/, and will make you Pregnant if not taken seriously enough to wear a Condom. If teh male wears a Condom, there should, and will be no problem whatsoever, unless of course, the Condom breaks some how.

Could you be get pregnant if you used a condom and it did not break at all and it was the day after your period?

It's definitely not. If you used a condom and it did not break at all, you can't be get pregnant whenever you make love.

Can you get pregnant if your using just a condom and no birth control?

Condoms will protect you from pregnancy without birth control pills. However, the condom must be used properly. To ensure protection from pregnancy while only using condoms, you must be sure that the condom is the proper size, make sure that the condom outside of the condom does not come in contact with the male genitalia.

If you use a condom will not be able to have children for the rest or your life?

A condom does not make women infertile, on the contrary, if a condom breaks when you're in the middle of your orgasm, chances are, she's gonna get pregnant.

Can you make yourself become not pregnant?

If you use a condom when have sex, you wont be pregnant. (If the guy uses it, that it.) You only get pregnant when the man cums inside of you.

How can you make a girl pregnant even after wearing a condom?

The condom could have broken, it could have holes in it that you didn't see before use. or she cheated.

Can sperm come out the sides of the condom and get into you and make you pregnant?

If sperm does come out of the side of the condom, or if the condom breaks while you are having sex than it can make you pregnant. It seems unlikely that the condom would fill up with so much sperm that it is overflowing, but maybe you need a different size condom if this is the case. just incase it does happen u should take the pill if u dont want 2 get preagnant.

How can you stop pregnancy without pill?

if you never want to get pregnant tubes tied, if someday you might then condom, abstinence, make your boyfriend/husband get a vasectomy, and that's all i can think of

What can you get a girl pregnant?

Hey, For a girl to get pregnant they will need to have started there periods, girls normally start there periods from about age 11 to 16. To get her pregnant you will need to have sex. Make sure if you are just having sex and don't want to get her pregnant that she goes on the pill ( go to the doctors clinic or hospital for info) or that you wear a condom. Make sure you put the condom on safely securely and accurate because it could rip and that could make the girl pregnant.

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