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If you really like him and he know you do then have a friend or someone that you know ask him if he likes you thenif he does ask him out....

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A guy may avoid talking to a woman he knows likes him if he doesn't like her back.

If he rejected you he already knows you like him. No need to tell him again.

If he has any interest in dating you, he will not like your boyfriend. But maybe he already knows your boyfriend and they do not get along or else your boyfriend has a bad reputation that the guy knows about.

i don't know, it depends on if you think he likes you or not.

Just because a guy knows you like him doesn't mean he shouldn't talk to anyone else. Having other female friends doesn't mean that he isn't interested.

Just tell him how you feel and that you don't want to lose your friendship

Answer If he already knows you like him then you don't need to tell him. Just talk about everyday things that you would normally speak about. Ask him what he likes to do and offer to go with him or meet up with him. Its simple really.

The man may no talk back to the woman he knows likes him because me may not feel the same way about her.

If a guy waves at you, he probably wants to meet you/ be your friend. If he already knows you, he's saying hi.

i say leave it alone and dont mess up your friendship with the guy friend and the girl friend. ESP cuz this guy likes someone else.

You have a crush on an older guy.He probably already knows that you like him, but is more interested in girls (or boys) his own age.

If he said he likes you already...go for it.

If you've already asked him out and he hasn't said yes, then he's not interested.

I'm sure he already knows. But, you can try talkig to him. Maybe he likes you too, but is to shy to say so.

well im pretty sure its already been awkward for u.ive been thru the same thing. all u can do is move on.

Just see if he approaches you or not. If he likes you aswell, he'll come to you and talk. Maybe ask him if he knows that you like him (even if you already know he knows). Just be patient.

If she already knows then find out if she likes you back. The worse that can happen is her saying no.

Sometimes a guy will look at you if he knows that you like him but he doesn't like you back. He may look because he is having second thoughts about liking you.

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