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You can request that the case be referred to a new judge or magistrate. More than likely, they are all backlogged.

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Q: What if the judge does not sign the divorce papers in California after the six months due to a back log of papers?
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In Alabama how long does it take for judge to sign divorce papers?

This depends on the backlog of cases the judge has to review. In most cases, it will be three to four months at the most from the time the papers are filed.

What do you need to do to finalize divorce papers in Illinois?

A divorce is not final until it signed by a judge. You will need too have your paperwork reviewed by a judge.

What should you do if your husband wont sign the divorce papers?

Attend all of your court dates. Whether your soon to be ex-husband signs the papers, or not, the Judge will grant you a divorce. It may take a few months longer, but his unwillingness to sign the papers will not prevent a divorce. Hang in there! Freedom will be yours, as long as you are determined and diligent. Good luck!

Can a judge sign divorce papers for you and make added judgments?

yes they can:)

What happens if the judge does not finalize and sign the divorce papers?

You stay married?

What do final divorce papers look like?

The final divorce papers will be entitled: 'Final Divorce Decree or Dissolution of Marriage.' The divorce paper will spell out the terms of the divorce between the parties and include a signature from a judge in the county.

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers in CA?

Go to court. The judge can grant the petition.

What does it mean when a judge signs divorce papers?

It means the decree has been entered and the divorce has been granted.

How to divorce an uncooperative spouse?

You can serve a spouse with separation papers which they have no recourse not to accept. You can also serve them with divorce papers. They can refuse to sign, but eventually a judge may grant the divorce anyway.

How do you file a dissolution of marriage?

In the state of Texas if the spouse doesn't sign the divorce papers you have to file a dissoultion of marriage and they have a certain amount of time and then the judge will grant the divorce. Where do you get the dissoultion papers from. how do you file them and how long does the judge wait before granting the divorce

Can you still get divorced if the other party doesn't want to sign divorce papers?

It is possible to sue for divorce, and if the judge agrees that you have sufficient grounds for divorce, the divorce will be granted, whether the other party signs the papers or not.

How long does a divorce take in Jamaica?

In order to obtain a divorce in Jamaica, the married couple must separate for a continuous 12 month period first. After the 12 months are up, either party can file divorce papers. It could then take several months for the papers to be signed and accepted by the court. The petitioner must then make sure the respondent is served with those papers within 14 days. it can then take another six weeks for the judge to grant the divorce.

Can an individual in Texas still get a divorce if their spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers?

Yes. A judge grants a divorce not either of the spouses.

Can you get married to one person in one state and be married to another person in another state what if divorce papers are about to be signed by the judge?

Wait until the divorce papers are signed by the judge. You are only legally allowed to be married to one person at a time, even if a divorce is pending.

Can a husband get a divorce without the wife seeing and or signing the divorce papers?

Yes, but only in very special circumstances. If the wife is missing or dodging the papers, sometimes the judge will go ahead and approve the divorce. However, if it is being done that way just to be sneaky, no. A judge will not approve that.

In Georgia what can be done if a spouse refuses to be served divorce papers?

The judge or magistrate can compel them to sell the papers. They can also in some cases decide a divorce case without a signature.

Just because divorce papers are signed does not mean you are divorced?

If you are talking about being signed by the spouses, then no. Before a divorce is final it has to be approved by a judge. The judge actually grants the divorce, your signatures only show that you both agree to the divorce.

If your divorce went before court by lawyer and judge granted and signed divorce papers does the lawyer still have to file the papers?

No. The judgment would be entered by the court. You can visit the court and request a copy of the judgment of divorce.

If a divorce is filed do both parties have to sign the divorce papers when the two people have children if one wants the divorce and the other does not in new york?

It is not required that both parties sign the divorce papers in NY or any other state. The judge has the power to grant the divorce.

What if the judge is back logged on signing divorce papers in California and the six months are up?

The petitioner will have to wait until the court finishes discharging the case in question. All state and federal courts are backlogged including many at the appellate level; it is the reality of the justice system.

How long does it take for a divorce in Nevada?

In general it takes 1 to 2 weeks for an uncontested divorce after the papers have been submitted to the judge.

In Alabama if the judge sign the divorce papers and one party does not show up in court will the divorce still go through?


Does both parties sign divorce papers after judge signs to make it complete?

Yes, both of them has to agree. If not, the divorce cannot be confirmed.

Wife refuses to sign divorce papers in Georgia?

Then you schedule a hearing with the circuit court and let the judge decide if there is enough evidence for a divorce.

What is the 60 day waiting period in California after a divorce?

With most states, after getting a divorce the judge will order a wait period. this is simply a time period you must wait before getting remarried.