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There is a short circut somewhere in the electrical system. Unless you have an extensive knowledge of automotive electrical systems, and specialized test equipment, save yourself time and frustration and take the vehicle to an automotive electrical shop. It is usually worth the money they will charge to diagnose and fix the problem, because they will warranty their work and any parts they replace. They also will usually find the problem in a very short period of time. You run the risk of your vehicle catching fire if you do not get this problem fixed.

2006-07-23 06:28:37
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After replacing all four grounds and headlight switch why would parking lights go off when headlights are on?

That's how 1964 1/2 thru 1967 Mustangs lights are designed to operate.. when the headlamps are turned on the amber parking lights are turned off. That was changed sometime in 1967-68 so that the amber parking lights remain on when the headlamps are on.. It is possible to install a later model (1968) type headlight switch and wiring if you really want the parking lights to remain on when the headlamps are on however. Electrical Wiring drawings are available (to purchase) for every year mustang from almost any mustang restoration shop/website.

Your speedo stops working every now and then and now the engine cuts out at the lights and the spedo stops?

You may have a bad ground

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What is wrong with a 1995 dodge neon when all the dash board lights are not working but none of the fuses look blown the seat belt light works though?

I have a 1995 neon dodge and my dash lights will not come on or my tail lights and every time i change the airbag fuse and turn on the car the airbag fuse blows.

93 dodge shadow your tail lights aren't working every time you replace the fuse and turn on the headlights the fuse blows whats could be worng and how do you fix it?

Short in the wiring.

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Turn signal lights on your 2003 Trailblazer work for about 3 minutes then they stop working; the fuses are fine and the lights seem to be fine; any help is greatly appreciated?

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