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Answer to power door not closingWe recently acquired a 1999 Chevy Venture with a myriad of problems, one of which was that the power side door would attempt to close but at the last second (just when you thought it would close) the door starts to open up. I kept playing with the button, closing it and then it opening itself up again... it was acting as though the sensors picked up something in the doorway and were reacting by not letting the door close fully. I got some sand paper and cleaned off the sensor prongs on the front of the sliding door (they look like long buttons that you can press) and then I used the sand paper to clean off the sensor pad that the buttons make connection with. Presto the door stayed closed. Hope this works for you... you would think the Chevy mecahnics would figure this out. It took a 39 year old housewife to solve the problem herself!!!!
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