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IF you payed current B4 it was repoed, then the lender will bring it back, uaually. If it was simply put on hold and repoed, you pay to get it back. The LENDER is responsible for repos.

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Is it legal in CA for a finance company to repossess a car then say they didn't?

repo and say they didnt? NO, not legal. Bought back and given back to dealer?? Never heard of it. Call a local attorney for a consultation. Smells fishy to me.

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Can a company repossess your car if you are making your required payments on time every month but were behind one payment from the year before?

but were behind one payment from the year before?":**** you answered your own question, didnt you? Pay them $5.00 per month on the way behind payment and maybe they will be quiet. LOL

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