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Then the game cannot go on.

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Q: What if they didn't have a person to play center in football?
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Did ancient Greeks play football?

no they didnt

What football team did John Madden play for?

he didnt play!! he coached the Raiders!

Who were the first person to play football?

The first people to play football were the English!

What does first person and third person mean?

1st person is from your own point of view, the person speaking.examples:I play football. (singular)We play football on Saturday. (plural)3rd person means the person or thing spoken about.examples:He plays football. (singular)They play football on Saturday. (plural)The nouns 'football' and 'Saturday' are third person nouns, the things spoken about.Note: The 2nd person is the person spoken to. The second person pronoun is you.

Can a short person play football?

Absolutely 100% yes. I'm short and i play football!

What position did Gerald Ford play in football?

Center for The University of Michigan Wolverines football team.

What is a football coach?

a football coach is the person that teaches the football player to play better

Is it to late to play junior college football after being at a junior college that didnt have football?

As long as you are a student you can play or at least try out. So you would have to transfer and talk to the coaches

What are the main muscle groups used in football?

ur body genuis .. if u didnt have a body how could u play football .. u idoits !

When The ball is put in to play when the one team doe what?

The ball is put into play when the center hikes the football.

Are there any womens football teams that are looking for players your fitness is not what it used to be but you used to love playing and it would be great to play again?

because womens wanted to play football but didnt have the chance to so they had made there own football club

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What football position is responsible for distributing the football?

that would be the Quarterback. although the center distributes the ball to him before every play

What position does the tallest person play in basketball?


What football position would a 200 lbs 5'9 person play?

Play fullback

What is the football play called where the center hikes it to the half-back?

Direct Snap

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How long can a person play college football?

4 years

Why is ''Football'' known as ''Soccer in America?

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Do most of the kids who play football stay in school?

it depends whether the person wants to or not, football has nothing to do with it

What does a center in hockey do?

The center is a player that takes the face off. I play on the squirts and when we play the center is the only player that chases the puck. The other players play their positions. ^^^^ this person knows nothing...the center is not the only one who chases the puck.

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2 feet tall

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