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What if two male dogs mate your female dog?

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then the female dog is cheating on the the male dogs

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Adult male dog mate with young male dog?

no, only male and female dogs can mate. and they can't mate until they are fully grown.

How do you get dogs to mate that have mated in the past?

Usually if the female is in heat any male dog will mate with her

Why do male dogs go crazy when a female dog is on heat?

It means that the female dog is ready to mate and breed.

When do you pair a male and female dogs to mate?

when the dog is on there season hope this helps stigy22

Where can I find a male mate for my female dog in Colorado?

Try the internet looking for studs, (dogs you pay to mate with your bitch)

Can a female cat mate with a male dog?

No. Cats and dogs are two completely different species.

What is a dog combined with a cat?

Dogs cannot mate with cats. However, if a male dog mated with a female cat it would be called a Dat, and a male cat with a female dog would be a Cog.

How do make dogs behave around pregnant female dogs?

Often, a male dog is protective of the pregnant female dog, usually if he is the "mate." Sometimes dogs, mates of the pregnant dog or not, will act aggressivley towards the female dog, also known as the "bitch."

What causes a male dog to get hung to a female dog during intewrcourse?

Female dogs give out a scent when they are in heed. Heed is when a female is in a position were that is the only time they can mate. So they have a scent that the Male dogs can smell that scent. Also it is in their Urine.

Why isn't your male dog responding to your female dog in heat?

Your male dog might have been neutered. The female dog might not be ready to mate. Sometimes there are even gay dogs who don't like females.

What causes female dogs to go into heat Can male dogs cause this to happen?

Female dogs go into heat when they think of mating, they get excited, then the male dogs will mate with them... however a male dog can make a female one to go into heat by licking the dog's vulva with their tongues...........

How do you make a female dog have puppies?

Mate it with a male dog when the female is in season.

How does a male dog make a female dog pregnant?

They mate. The male dog inserts his penis into the female dog's vagina. The male dog then humps the female dog, and then the male dog ejaculates semen into the female dog's vagina.

What do they are used for male dogs and female dogs?

A male dog is a Boy and a female dog is a girl. If they breed, then they could have puppies.

What are male and female dogs called?

A Male dog is called a Dog, and a Female dog is called a Bitch.

When do dogs breed?

Dogs tend to mate whenever an intact male can find a female in heat.They mate when they want to.When they are brought together for breeding purposes.Female dogs only come into heat 2 times a year. So that means a female dog can only have two litters a yr. The best time to mate two dogs is while the female is in heatA female dog can start mating after the first menstruation/bleeding. A male dog can start impregnating a female dog after 7 months, since this would be start of it having sperm. If the dogs are not spayed/neutered, a litter of puppies may be born after nine weeks.

To find your female dog a male dog to breed she is a shishitzu?

if your asking how to find a male dog for your female dog then your gonna have to wait until your female dog is in heat then automatically the male dog will be attracted to the female and they will mate

How can male dogs tell if a female dog is in heat?

Female dogs produce pheromones to attract male dogs.

Why do male dogs fight each other while a female dog is in heat?

Two male dogs will compete for a female in heat because they want the right to mate with her. They will often fight to the death to make sure the other dog does not father the puppies. When a female is in heat, the males will become agitated when they see another male dog.

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