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You need to get to a doctor. Chances are you have miscarried and your body is coming off of the hormones. You will still test positive until your body has recovered. I may be wrong, but it is important to get to a doctor anyway. At this late stage you would know if you had miscarried it is more likely you have a low-lying placenta and you really do need to see a doctor.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 19:45:51
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Q: What if you are about 4 to 5 months pregnant and you wake up with blood all over your sheets and a week from that you spot a little and pass a small clot but you are still testing on a pregnancy test?
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Will a pregnancy test come out positive if you are a few months along in a pregnancy?

A pregnancy test will come out positive all through your pregnancy because it is testing for HCG a hormone that is produced when you are pregnant all 9 months and a little after you give birth too.

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

How many months is 33 weeks of pregnancy?

There are 40 weeks in pregnancy (that is nine months pregnant). At 33 weeks regnant you would be 7 months and 1 week pregnant.

No period in months?

you might be pregnant. get a pregnancy test.

How do you avoid 3 months pregnancy?

Don't get pregnant

How many months does a lion stay pregnant?

Lions are pregnant for about 110 days - a little over 3 months.

What does it mean when your girlfriend says she's pregnant and she said got pregnant two days ago and she said shes giving birth in two months is it real or is she testing me?

Come on seriously?? Pregnancy is usually 7-9 months. Now you go and figure it out

How many months pregnant is kendra wilkinson?

The pregnancy began in march, so, as of August 2009, she is 5 months pregnant.

Do you always get pregnant symptoms in 2 months of pregnancy?

You can have pregnancy symptoms from day one to the last day of your pregnancy.

How many months do you have to be to know your pregnant?

Symptoms of an early pregnancy

Can you be pregnant and the pregnancy test say you're not pregnant also not having your period for 3 months?

If you are thinking you are 3 months pregnant and a preg test still shows negative, then this cannot be the case. It is possible a preg tes will not show positive until you are 6 weeks alone (if you have low HCG levels), but not 12 weeks. If you "feel" pregnant, and you are still testing negative, it could be a phantom pregnancy, or there could be something wrong with your periods.

How do you control pregnancy after 2 months?

You don't? You're already pregnant

How many months is 7 if your pregnant?

yes she have seven month of pregnancy

Could you be 2 months pregnant and have no pregnancy symptoms at all?


Is it possible to fall pregnant in the first six months when you are not using the contraceptives?

If you mean in the first 6 months after pregnancy, then yes: you can become pregnant in this time period. If you are breast-feeding, this will generally prevent pregnancy.

What is the average temperature of a pregnant women in early pregnancy?

I was around 98, and still am at 7 months pregnant.

How many months is 6 weeks in pregnancy?

Whether pregnant or not, 6 weeks is approximately 1.5 months.

Is it safe if you take cytotec you are 5 months pregnant?

No. It is dangerous to take this tablet when 5 months pregnancy is there.

Can a woman get pregnant after 3 months of pregnancy already?

If a woman is 3 mos pregnant no she will not be ovulating, if the pregnancy was terminated or miscarried yes she would be ovulating again.

How many months of pregnancy is 26 weeks?

6 months and 2 days. most likely anyways, depends on how many months you are pregnant and when you got pregnant, but really 6 months and 2 days/

In what trimester is one when being pregnant for 4 months?

When a woman is 4 months pregnant, she is considered to be in the second trimester. A typical pregnancy lasts 9 months with each trimester 3 months long.

Will a home pregnancy test be able to detect pregnancy for sure if you are 2 months pregnant?

If you are 2 months pregnant, you should already be pretty sure your pregnant. After 6 weeks morning sickness and hormone variation take place. The answer is yes, a home pregnancy test will yield a positive reading if yorue pregnant, but you probably shouldn't need one.

If you are pregnant when does the pregnancy start to show?

If your are healthy, and eating properly, at about 4 months.

Can you have a miscarriage at five months pregnant?

You can have a miscarriage through out the pregnancy for different reasons.

When do pregnant horses get there milk?

After about 9 months of pregnancy, Gestation lasts about 11.