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What if you are confident and semi-popular and you like a good female mate but she goes for good looking guys and has no interest in you?



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Sounds like you are second-guessing her thoughts. Give her a chance and ask her out. All she can do is refuse and then you know. The sad part about people second-guessing what other people think is usually they are wrong. Don't live with 'if only' or 'I should have.' Rejection is part of life and always a risk for all of us. Take that chance and ask her out! Looks aren't everything and maybe your comparing yourself to these guys for no reason. Go and introduce yourself to her, be observant and find out what she likes and doesnt like, maybe your just not making yourself, visible enough. Don't count yourself out just yet, give it the old college try but don't over do it and if she doesn't respond, maybe she is not worth it. Good luck.