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whats does that have to do with your crush?? it the best friend, how does that concern you??

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I mean if your jealous your crushes best friend talks to them more than you then that's yo fault for not talking to them personally. I'm assuming that's what ya mean.

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What do you do if your crush tells one of your friends that your best friend is good looking?

Feel happy for that friend! Don’t get jealous maybe you can find a new someone 😁

What do you do if your best friend is your crushe's girlfriend?

If your best friend is your crushes girlfriend then you haft to tell her. It will only become a problem if you are secretive about it.

How do you get a stubborn friend jealous of you?

Date the guy your best friend likes.

What will you do if your boy best friend knew that you have a crush on him?

Be honest with your friend and see if you both have crushes on each other.

What does it mean when you dream your best friend dates your crush?

It means that you are jealous of your best friend or you re secretly mad at your best friend.

Do you fancy your boyfriends best friend?

I have had crushes on my boyfriend's best friends, but I never did or said anything about it.

What should you do if your crushes best friend likes you?

Go out with him or your crush, or both if possible

What can you do if your best friend is jealous of you?

Your friend should not be jealous enough to endanger your friendship. But you can let him/her beat you at something to help cool down the friendship.

How can you make an ex best friend jealous?

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster and it serves no purpose and is a waste of energy. It takes a wise and great person to not get jealous because they are confident in themselves. Try to understand why you are feeling jealous of your ex best friend. Yes, if you want you could make your best friend jealous (she may not go for it) but it will be you who pays the price for it.

Is Selena Gomez jealous of Demi Lovato?

Selena is Demi's best friend, why would she be jealous of her? What kind of a question is this, they are best friends, they cant be jealous of each other!!!

What do you do if you like your crushes best friend and your crush?

Get To Know Both Of Them And Choose The One You Connect With.

Why is my best friend becoming mean towards me?

maybe he/she is jealous of what you have

On Victorious was Beck ever jealous when Jade liked his best friend Moose?

Beck did not get jealous because Jade liked his best friend Moose. They were all friends and did not see it that way.

Is it ok that your best female friend is jealous of your boyfriend?

YES TOTALLY! its totally normal for your best girl friend to be jealous of your boothanng! haha! I had the same problem with me! i was jealous of my best friend who was dating the hottest guy in our class! as long as she doesn't try stealing him away from you (which probably she wont!) you guys are totally fine!

What do you do when the person your best friend has a crush on likes you?

tell your best friend and make them all jealous and then love yourself to pieces!

Why doesnt my best friend like my pictures on intragram?

Your best friend does not like your pictures on Instagram because he just jealous.

What do you do if your husband is leaving you for a mutual friend?

you curse him out and den try to make him jealous with his best friend

Is it wrong to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he knows more about your boyfriend than you do?

no it is not right to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he has known him for over a decade and there are things that you will learn so you know as much about your boyfriend but there are things that you know about your boyfriend that his best friend does not

Jealous of partners best friend?

Dont be. Jealousy is Not good. seairiously.

How can you tell who is your best friend?

if they come out with u and don't get u jealous then they are

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