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What if you are married in another country and get married in the US then divorce the foreigner?


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It really depends on the laws of the country you live in. Some countries may not honor a US marriage and this may cause legal problems for the American living abroad. Check with the country you live in to determine your status if you're in this situation.

It may invalidate your second marriage.

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A foreigner who got married in Hong Kong can get a divorce in the United States. They simply need to file in their home state.

No, you would have to go and get divorced in that country sorry

You cannot be married to more than one person at a time. If you are married in the US, you are considered married throughout the world. The divorce can be obtained in any country.

You cannot legally marry if your divorce is not final, even if you go to another country it is still bigamy.

if your spouse was married already when u got married, your marriage is not legal, no matter where you are

I do not think they can. I doubt that the state (or the country) will recognized the marriage of two illegal immigrants who married in another country. After all as far as the government is concerned "they are not here."

Yes, your divorce should be where you live at the time of your separation, or where the children reside. If you live in the US, the divorce needs to be in the US to be enforceable.

You file for divorce in the country or jurisdiction in which you are living. Where you got married does not matter.

If you are now an American Citizens, it does not matter where you were married, you would file for divorce wherever you live, because your home state or your wife's home state would have jurisdiction over you and therefore your divorce.

You have to file a divorce petition first in US and after clearance or finalisation of the divorce,you may Mary in an another country. If you are unable to do so, then accept the religion of Islam, and proceed accordingly.

Your divorce in another country is legal in this country. Just make sure all documents are translated to the English langauge and are accompanied by a translators certificate of translation.

No. Marriage is a legal status. You need to obtain a divorce to marry again. Your second marriage would not be valid. To knowingly marry while still married to another person is a crime.

go to your embassy, and they will help you to send divorce paper to her/him!!! that way you can do it without even going there.

Obtain proof of your marriage and file for divorce where you live now.

You will have to file for divorce in the same country where you got married.

No it will not stand as ,you have to get married after informing the embassy, so a record is there. Now you are guilty of bigaqmy.

It's a dicey situation. As long as you kept the foreign marriage totally secret, you would be ok. If the foreign marriage became public knowledge, your US marriage would be considered void, and you could be prosecuted for fraud and/or perjury. It seems like a situation best avoided.

Nope. You have to wait for that divorce to be final. Marriage is marriage from any country to any country.

He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.He can divorce his wife.

If they are not married- no. If they are married she can sue for divorce.

Wait until the divorce papers are signed by the judge. You are only legally allowed to be married to one person at a time, even if a divorce is pending.

Yes you an get married in Alabama once divorced. Divorce is a finalization and as long as you can provide the documents of the divorce you are to free to marry again in any State.

I would consult with the Embassy in the country you are now residiing if living in a foreign country. In the US, you would still be considered married until a Divorce Decree is documented in the court systems.

Typically you would file for divorce in your country of residence.

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