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You didnt make a very good deal and may lose you money as soon as the repoman sees the car.

You should make sure the title is free of any leins before purchasing the vehicle. Contact your state title office for details. -Jeff

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Q: What if you buy a car from someone when the repo men are actually looking for the car?
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Can you buy a car if you already have a repo on your credit?

Pay with cash.

How long can a buy here pay here dealer hold your car after repo?

A car dealer can hold a repo as long as he is the lien holder on the title.

Where can you buy repo cars in Auckland New Zealand?

Turners Auctions, Trade Me.

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While there are many car dealerships around, the best place to start would be to check with your bank. they would be able to advise you on auctions that are selling their repossessed vehicles.

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How do you find a local repo company willing to hire you?

Chad, you can look in the phone book under "recovery agencies", you can ask at the local auto auction for info on local repo cos., you can look at the local coffee shops late at nite for repo trucks, OR you can buy a cat on time and DONT PAY THE NOTES. Be sure to wait up for the repoman. Email me and I might can put you in contact with someone in your area.

How long does a buy here pay here take to get a car repossessed?

Every company is different..collections start the minute a payment goes past due. Usually the repo starts after 3 pmts are due maybe sooner if there are no communications with the customer or maybe later if someone has managed to stall off the repo.

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If you buy a Cobra Slide-In Unit for your truck will you need anything else to repo cars?

Its not as easy as it seems. Is your truck gonna handle the work SAFELY? REPO insurance is sky high.

How can you buy a repo vehicle?

Copart Auto Auction has some repo vehicles. You can check them at It's a dealer auction but you can get an access through one of the official brokers.

Does anyone want to buy our repo trucks?

If you are interested in selling repo trucks, you can place an ad in the local newspaper, EBay, Craigslist, or put up flyers around your neighborhood to attract buyers.

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Where can you buy a repo motorhome?

CrankyApe.Com is a Midwest clearing for items before they go to auction. Regards, RVEscapee. :-))

Are there any loan companies that will help you buy your repo back?

IF you have collateral for security, YES. Not likely to happen.

If repo company is after car you bought but previous owner did not pay off what can you do to get title?

Try to buy it again.