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Astro Knights Island

What if you can't pull the paper on Astro Knights Island?


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July 13, 2009 11:38PM

1) To access the dungeon, you need the Library Slip from the Museum. Get the gold coin from the fountain outside and pay your way in. 2) To look under Mordred's bed, you have to "know" that Mordred keeps papers under there. The clue is in a note from the Princess's bedroom in the unreachable tower. To reach it: # Get the rope from the water wheel of the mill. # Bring it back to the castle and climb up to the crossbow archers. # Tie the rope to one of the big arrows # Aim it up and to the left, and you will hit the Princess tower door. # Walk the tightrope across to it. The missing journal page has the coordinates to the nearby moon, which you can reach with the saucer Excalibur. (They are X-56 Y-52.)