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I am assuming you bought this from a dealer. You need to go over your paperwork and see if the vehicle was listed as new or used. This would be on the purchase agreement, finance documents, odometer statements and title/registration paperwork.

If the dealer represented the car as new and it is used, you should demand your money back immediately. If the dealer hesitates at all contact the bank who financed the car and let them know what happened and also the Attorney Generals office & Better Business Bureau in your area.

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Most likely, it was a car that someone purchased and it unwound, commonly from financing. You're still in a new car with the full amount of warranty and the new car APR.

IF a vehicle has actually been titled to another owner, you are buying a "title B" or in most states, a used car.

If you were sold the vehicle as a "New" Car, you should feel somewhat upset. The thing that should concern you the most is that the next person to buy your car will see that they would be the "Title C," or third, owner. Then YOU would be in the jackpot for trying to sell a 'one owner' vehicle.

If you were to trade the vehicle to a dealer, he would immediately discover that it was a title C and your trade would be worth less money.


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Q: What if you find out that the 'new' car you bought had actually been sold to someone else who already registered the vehicle?
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