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you can run him over because hes drunk he wont care

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Q: What if you get sued by a drunk person who tries to get in your car while it was moving?
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What happens the day after you were drunk?

You may have a hangover while your body tries to get the alcohol out of your system. Drink more water.

Is it illegal to drive people who are drunk?

It is not illegal to drive people who are drunk. In fact it is the best thing to do for a person who is drunk instead of letting the person drive his or her own vehicle while drunk. That is why "designated drivers" are important.

Does drinking affect a person abilities to produce a baby?

No you are still fertile while drunk.

Can a person drink so much that they forget what they did while drunk?

Yes - that is commonly referred to as a "blackout."

What percent of achol can get you drunk?

"Drunk" is subjective, and it varies from person to person. Some people are lightweights, while others can hold their liquor. It depends mostly on physical size, past drinking, and genetic disposition. The legal definition of drunk is 0.08% BAC

When a person rides a bicycle past a tree while wearing a helmet the person is moving relative to?

Between what's listed - the bike and the person is moving in relation to the tree.

How much does it take average man to get drunk?

This depends on many factors. It depends on how much a person weighs, how fast the drunk the drink, and if they ate before or while they were drinking.

How do you fix what was said while drunk?

Easy! Don't get drunk!

Can a learners supivisor be under the influence of alcohol?

What do you think? Common sense!!! NO! How can this person supervise anything while drunk?

Are Cell phones users as impaired as drunk drivers?

The odds of crashing while drunk are equal to the odds of crashing while on the phone. The odds of crashing while texting are 3 TIMES as high than driving while drunk

Can fatigue seriously impaired driving?

Yes. There have been studies that have shown that a person who drives when extremely tired is just as dangerous as a person who drives while drunk.

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