What if you got your 16 year old girl friend pregnant and you are 18 would you go to jail or get in trouble?

In answer to the question: she is 16, and you are 18, and she is pregnant and YOU are the father. (Actually, perhaps, not the father, yet, you believe that you are the father. If you suspect that you are not, then you have an additional problem: your relationship to her.) So, sure, you are in trouble. If you knocked up a minor, and you aren't a minor in most places, it is a very real problem. You did everthing just right for a problem. Think about it: Apparently, no birth control and no condom, for either of you. One is a minor, and the other may not be a minor in the particular jurisdiction. You are not married. Even when married, an unanticipated, or undesired pregnancy is a major problem. The summary is that you have the not so simple problem of either having an abortion, or going through the process of growing a baby, having a baby and then careing for it generally for a fairly long time: most of its and your life.* And adoption is also a consideration. * Neither of the choices is easy. The specific answer to the question: Jail Time. Most of the time, in the situation described, jail time is not a usual results; what happens with the criminal law depends on everything from the jurisdiction, the specific facts, the statutory authority, and the degree of rage in the community at the event. The difference in age is a considerable practical factor: For example, if the girl is nearly 17 and boy has just turned 18, that would be much different from the situation in which the girl just turned 16 and the boy was a few days from 19. ON THE OTHER HAND: There are good points. You have the chance to be a father at a young age, and you might end up with a wife. Men who have wives tend to live longer than single men, and according to some research, men who are married have more active sex lives than men who are single. *(If you have the baby, somebody is going to have to care for it; otherwise,the situation is going to be a much bigger problem than an mere unanticipated pregnancy.)