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There are those who start ovulate this early so you can get pregnant.

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Q: What if you had intercourse after 2 weeks of a miscarriage?
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If you had an early miscarriage how soon can you tell if you are pregnant again?

After a miscarriage you can tell if your pregnant again about 2-3 weeks after the previous pregnancy. Im sorry about your loss. YOu may ovulate about 2 weeks after an early miscarriage so if you have intercourse then you might have a positive test 2 weeks after that.

Can you have a miscarriage at 4 weeks?

Yes you can have a miscarriage at 4 weeks I have hade a miscarriage at 2 weeks.

How long after a miscarriage should you wait to have intercourse not want pregnant?

You should wait a couple of weeks for the healing but you can always get pregnant both before the 2 weeks and after so use protection.

When will you ovulate after miscarriage?

After 2-4 weeks.

Can you have a miscarriage when you are 2 weeks pregnant?


Is it possible to get pregnant 2 weeks after having a miscarriage?

yes, lots of women ovulate 2 to 2.5 weeks after a miscarriage and are especially fertile.

How long do you bleed for after miscarriage?

2-4 weeks.

If I'm 2 weeks pregnant can i have a miscarriage?


You had a miscarriage 9 weeks ago can you really be pregnant again?

Absolutely. You can ovulate within about 2 weeks of a miscarriage and if you ovulate and have sex you can get pregnant.

Can you get a positive ovulation reading 2 weeks after miscarriage?

Yes you can.

What happens if you get your period the next day you miscarriage?

Normal bleed after a miscarriage is 1-2 weeks so it's not your period. You get your period back sometimes within 8 weeks from the miscarriage.

Can I be pregnant 2 weeks after a miscarriage?

Possible if you took no protection and were ovulating.

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