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They have ways of making you go to school. It's not an option.

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Q: What if you have a court order to go to school but you don't go?
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In most cases when you disrespect the court by not appearing as you agreed, the Judge will order you arrested.

What happens if you dont go to court after you are served on a contact order?

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I put a temporarly restraining order On your Husband but you dont want to go to Court and do The permanent one how can i dismiss The TRO?

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How do you get a court case dismissed?

I have a case in court on the charges of fraud but i dont have a lawyer and my boss is willing to settle out of court how do i go about this

Does custodial parent have to go to court if the non-custodial is in contempt for not paying Paper from child support says its necessary to attend but i dont have a court order I dont believe?

If the court is summoning the NCP to court for non-payment, there's an order in place (there's something he's in contempt of). I strongly urge you to attend; for one thing, if you don't do so, you might lose your eligibility for Medicaid and other benefits.

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