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you could still be pregnant. since every pregnancy is different it is possible to have all the symptoms and not have morning sickness. also if you really want to be pregnant sometimes your body will actually start changing to fit your wish. basically the only way to be sure if you are pregnant or not is to take a home test or go to your doctor if you feel like you may be pregnant.

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Q: What if you have all the pregnancy symptoms except for morning sickness?
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Could you be pregnant if taking estelle 35 ed tablets which arent really to prevent pregnancy but to control acne and still have your period but have every pregnancy symptom except morning sickness?

If you haven't stopped your period, and you aren't getting morning sickness, Then WHAT are these pregnancy symptoms you say you are experiencing?

How do you know if you're pregnant or not even if you don't throw up the next morning and what are the other symptoms?

You will NOT throw up the next morning after having sex. It takes 7 days for the Embryo to implant in your uterus and start releasing the pregnancy hormone HCG. Once this hormone is being released the pregnancy symptoms will start. Pregnancy symptoms are: Missed period. Extra vaginal discharge. Feeling or being sick. Headaches. Tiredness. Excessive urination. Dizzy spells. Bloatedness or extra wind. Heartburn. Spotting bleeding. Abdominal cramps. A woman may have all or none of these symptoms (except missing a period). If you think you may be pregnant take a test when you miss a period. Spotting bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy. It is always abnormal whether pregnant or not. It is not unusual, there are various causes, but it is not normal.

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period but all the pregnancy symptoms went away except the cramps and headaches after a week?

Take a test.

Can a woman experience implantation bleeding and not have any other symptoms until her missed period and be pregnant?

Absolutely! Some women don't have any symptoms their entire pregnancy. I didn't have any symptoms except a dream actually lol...i took a test and voila! There are lots of helpful pregnancy sites if you would like to look up more symptoms if you are experiencing any those are just two, but you can go on any search engine and type in pregnancy symptoms or just pregnancy and you will find lots of helpful information.

What if you were having symptoms of pregnancy like stomach ache feet ache breast pain from last 12days and suddenly you have periods?

Then you're not pregnant. Those are just PMS symptoms (except foot pain, which isn't really a pregnancy symptom either until about 32+ weeks)

Could you be pregnant if you have missed your period for a week feel no other abnormal signs except for morning sickness that lasted 2 weeks and made sure you never had sex without a condom and pulled?

Yes. Missing your period is a sign of pregancy. Morning sickness is called that only if you are pregnant. You might just be sick for two weeks. If you had sex, you have the risk of being pregnant. No condom increases that chance GREATLY. Withdraw method isn't that reliable of birth control. Go buy a pregnancy test.

Is my girlfriend gaining weight or is she pregnant because she's not experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy except fatigue and bigger breasts which one is she?

Could be either. If she's missed her period, she needs to take a pregnancy test

When does the pregnancy symptoms begin to take place prior to conception?

you can't get pregnancy symptoms prior to conception because you aren't pregnant til you've conceived you can get signs immediately in the form of very light bleeding and nausea when fertilisation takes place and depending on the individual breast tenderness, stomach cramps and increasing morning sickness/going off certain foods are all signs, although some people don't have any signs besides some weight gain the symptoms are similar to what you experience before your period or whilst on combined pills, except more severe or noticeable and sustained when I fell pregnant I had severe stomach cramps for the first month with no ill effect on the baby and I went from an A cup to a C cup!!

You took a pregnancy test but you came out negative but you still have symptoms of being pregnant are you?

Not necessarily. I had a tumor that mimicked pregnancy. Everything led me to believe I was pregnant except for the 4 negative pregnancy tests. I went into the ob-gyn and I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit (or size of a 4+ month pregnancy). It was not cancerous & was removed.

How soon after intercourse do you notice pregnancy signs?

Most fertility experts will tell you that you won't have any pregnancy signs or symptoms until the embryo implants in the uterus. This can happen about the time you miss your period but for most women, pregnancy signs & symptoms will not kick in noticeably until you are 6 weeks pregnant (about 2 weeks after you miss your period). Some women don't have any pregnancy signs or symptoms except for a missed period! Anecdotally, many women who have posted on the internet & have discussed pregnancy signs & symptoms will tell you that they knew right away or a few days before their periods were due. If you are very in tune with your body, you may notice small changes right away. However, remember, most of the early pregnancy signs & symptoms are very similar to premenstrual symptoms and it is often difficult to know the difference until you miss a period.

How can you tell the difference between PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms you've been having cramps and one of your breast hurt for a day but it is time for your period in 1 or two days?

There is no sure way to tell except to wait for your period and if it does not come take a pregnancy test. PMS and early pregnancy signs are very similar, so you will have to wait until you are due. Good luck.

How does ovarian cyst symptoms differ from pregnancy symptoms?

Both conditions can be asymptomatic (without symptoms) except for the obvious enalargement of the abdomen in pregnancy. Pregnancy can also present with a missed period, nausea, vomitting, abdominal cramps, headaches, weight gain...etc. The main feature of ovarian cyst is that the onset of pain is sudden and that the pain is very sharp in nature especially when it ruptures. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate it from the pain of appendicitis (inflamed appendix).

If you have a client in her second trimester of pregnancy what conditions should be referred to a physician?

While there are many things to consider when massaging a female during her pregnancy, most situations are very minor, except one that can be a major concern, and that is the signs and symptoms of pre-eclemsia.

Do pregnancy symptoms start sooner when you are expecting twins?

When I Was Pregnant With My Twins I Started Having Symptoms Really Soon. Like, Everyone Knew I Was Pregnant Except Me Though. I Was Like Extreamly Emotional And Sick All Day Everyday. It Wasn't Fun. But Good Luck. [:

How are the symptoms of pregnancy treated by doctors?

No medication (not even a nonprescription drug) should be taken except under medical supervision, since it could pass from the mother through the placenta to the developing baby.

What if you missed your period but your not really showing any other strong symptoms of pregnancy except your appetite increased and you urinate a lot?

I would still take a pregnancy test. It can't hurt. If the home test is negative then I would go to the doctor and request a blood test.

Could you still be pregnant if you missed your period and have had two negative ept tests but you have no pregnancy symptoms except that you still don't have your period?

Yes. Wait a few days or even a week and take another test. yes there is. i got pregnant but never had any symptoms and took some pregnancy tests they all came out negative. i would go see ur doc.

Can young children sense pregnancy?

It is doubtful that anyone (except the prospective mother) can sense pregnancy.

Have all the symptoms of pregnancy except a missed period have taken two hpts result invalid then started a week early after horrible cramps clotting normal amount of blood is preg possible?

Did you find whether you are pregnant ?I have such similar symptoms.But no done any pregnancy test. continuation of questionI'm answering my own question to give more far as the symptoms i have had nausia/vomiting, morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness, cravings, cramping, heartburn, I've been extremely emotional. i really thought i was pregnant, took two hpt's and both came up invalid, then i had extremely bad cramping and the next day i passed one single huge blood clot and it took several hours before i passed any more blood. the first day was very light but now i am on my third day and I'm experiencing a normal (although not quite as heavy) period, but still having all the symptoms.

Can you be pregnant and not have some of the symptoms?

Yes - some women have no symptoms except a missed period or a positive test

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If a cervix is high hard and it feels closed could you be pregnant?

The cervix has no bearing on early symptoms of pregnancy; you are confusing facts about what happens to the cervix during labor. The cervix always feels "hard" except in labor. The best determiner of pregnancy is HPT or a blood test which both look for a rise in hormones.

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You have every symptom of pregnancy except the sore breasts does that mean you can still be pregnant?

ummm...yes...go get a pregnancy test.