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Check your water heater to see if it has a bad dip tube. The DIP TUBE is a plastic tube that sends the incoming cold water to the bottom of the tank to prevent it from mixing with the hot water going to your faucets. For a period of time between 1993 & 1997, most water heater manufacturers were supplied with defective dip tubes from the same manufacturing company. The problem caused the dip tube to disintegrate slowly, and the particles and chunks to clog up faucets, aerators, etc. There was a class action lawsuit that provided dip tube replacement for those who signed up in time, but that program is now over. Many people didn't hear about the problem in time even though the media reported it on new shows and in newspapers many times for several years.

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Q: What if you have white calcium or lime build up in one faucet only and have to clean out the faucet head often for better water pressure and the piping is 8 yrs old and the faucet is on the 2nd floor?
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What causes high water pressure in the first faucet on the water line from where it enters the house. The cold water is under high pressure but other faucets in house are fine.?

Possibly a pressure reducing valve installed after piping for first faucet, which would cause situation describing.

How do you maintain pressure after installing a second shower head in your shower?

The piping has to be the exact same length for each shower head from the tee where the cold and hot water feeds from the top of the diverter faucet.

Why does only the hot water in the tub faucet flow out fine but no cold water?

Blcoked piping or defecive valve

How do you replace triple handle shower faucet to a single handle faucet?

The connections on the faucet are pretty much the same for the type of piping you have. They should swap out fairly easily. There is a trim plate available that covers the old holes and gives you the single hole in the center.

Which of the piping systems are normally under pressure?


What does piping class mean What is the relationship between piping class and pipe schedule?

--------------- In piping engineering practice, according to the service, fluid, design pressure and design temperature thing are (Piping material, pressure rating of the flanges, pipe thickness, type of joint, etc) are classified and tabulated. This is called pipe class.

What is service test for piping system?

The pressure piping alternative test method is the service test for piping system. The service test is however, only applicable to specific cases.

Types of piping?

piping critical , non critical critical piping : where temperature ,pressure are high and sizes of pipe are big and piping connected to critical equipment( such pump,turbine compressor etc) non critical : other than criti

In piping what is meaning of prds?

Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating System

What has caused my water pressure to decrease?

internal piping has mineral deposits

What is piping inspection?

The act of inspecting piping systems via video inspection/ hydraulic and pneumatic pressure testing and other non destructive procedures

What could be the problem in a 2-story 3-year-old house in which the water pressure varies from all outlets varying from none to almost normal?

Start out by checking faucet aerators and shower head restrictors/strainers. After that you may want to get plumber to take a look at your piping.

What causes noise in water pipes when turning water on or off?

excessive amounts of air,loose washer in faucet,small debris or gravel in piping system.


The water meter is shut off? The main water line is shut off? The valve for that faucet is turned off? The waterline is made of galvanized piping and has corroded shut? Aerator is clogged, remove and clean or replace.

Which code governs the installation of pressure piping systems?

ASME B31.1

Why does dirty water come out of bath faucet?

Either you have rusty galvanised piping or if it is the hot water (as it is not specified in the question) your hot water tank may be rusting from the inside.

If you run water in your house and it has good pressure for a few seconds then pressure goes away what would be the cause?

Ferrous metal piping

What is A cross connection a when plumbing and electrical systems mix or b when two dissimilar piping materials are joined?

What is the correct answer? A cross connection is: A. when plumbing and electrical systems mix. B. when a faucet spout is below the flood ri of a fixture C. When two dissimilar piping materials are joined a

Why does a light stream of water leak out of the kitchen faucet when the dishwasher is turned on?

Because your losing "volume" possibly the piping is under sized or the internal diameter was reduced by mineral deposits

Why does your Delta sink faucet have low flow from the cold?

make sure that the stopper is fully open and make sure that your galvanized piping has not corroded from this inside causing water restriction

Can Black steel pipe be replaced with Galvanized piping for gas piping?

galvanized piping is acceptable but not necessary. all steel piping must be wrapped when entering ground at least 6" (a foot is better) bushings are not allowed unless properly peened so its better to just use bell reducers. and finally be sure to size your pipe according to the BTU requirement of the appliance being serviced

How do you determine flow rate by pipe size?

By knowing the availabe pressure and the diameter / material of the piping

Air pressure is 200psi what type of pipe use?

piping rated for 250 PSI OWG

What is the test pressure for 4 PVC piping?

For sanitary and venting, 5 psi. for 15 minutes.

What is the water pressure from an overhead tank?

That depends on the extra height of your tank, its capacity and the bore of your piping.

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