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What if you like a girl but she has a girlfriend what do you do?

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βˆ™ 2011-10-14 05:19:49

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Maybe he's trying to figure out what your boyfriend sees in you. OK I was just kidding, its probably because he likes you and can't peel his eyes off you and really regrets letting you go like that. You seem to like him a bit too, that's why you are asking this question. So make a choice but first do some investigating and make sure he really likes you because there is always a chance he was staring at the girl next to you or your great hair (There is this girl in my class who has really nice hair, the ultra smooth silky type:) but I don't like her character, the point is i can't help but take a quick glance every now and then, I hope you get my point)

2011-10-14 05:19:49
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Do plies like his girlfriend?

this is your girl shanqunna and im asking you do still like your girlfriend?

What is x girlfriend?

A girl who is no longer your girlfriend-like ex-wife.

Can a guy like you even if he has a girlfriend?

It depends on how much he likes his girlfriend. The guy can not like his girlfriend at all, thus he will like another girl.

Do roc royal want a girl friend?

he is not looking for a girlfriend but if he finds a girl he would like then he would have a girlfriend. he is not looking for a girl.

How a girl become a girlfriend?

A girl will become a girlfriend if.... A boy asks out that girl, or a girl asks out that guy because they like each other and the are intertested in each other and there answer is yes then they become boyfriend and girlfriend!

Do corde like a girl?

yes, he has a girlfriend

Why does a girl like a boy and the boy don't like the girl?

if a boy does not like you as a girlfriend..then he just dont

If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend does he like the girl that he is cheating on with his girlfriend?

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

How do you make Justin Bieber mad?

Well if he has a girlfriend and if you are a girl beat up his girlfriend and if you are a guy and you like his girl make out with her.

What if a girl says she doesnt like your girlfriend?

Well it does not maTTER WHAT THE GIRL SAYS. That's your girlfriend and you should stick up for her.

What does Anti-girlfriend mean?

its the girl that you like and your girlfriend is jealous of, therefore she hates her and calls her your "anti-girlfriend"

You in a relationship with this girl but you like some other girl what do you do?

Tough one man. This is all up to you. Breaking up with your girlfriend for another girl is usually Always a bad thing to do. This will result in your current girlfriend hating you, and the girl you like disliking you. If you do choose to break up with your girlfriend for this girl, it better be worth it.

What would you do if the girl you like catches you kissing your girlfriend?

The major issue here is who do you like more your girlfriend or the other girl. If you like both of them you need to choose or risk hurting both of then.

Can a guy that has a girlfriend like another girl?


What does Ray Ray's girlfriend look like?

a girl

What should you do if you like another girl but already told your girlfriend you love her?

First you need to choose one,if you love your girlfriend more then keep her and block out the other girl but if you like the other girl more you have to dump your girlfriend. I know it's tough but i know they wouldn't like to be cheated on. If you like the other girl more just dump your girlfriend,its a relationship that you can build up again if you want to be friends,you can still be really good mates with your ex girlfriend. :)

Is Sean's girlfriend a star or a common girl?

well jay Sean's girlfriend is a common girl and she is very beautiful she looks like if she was famous! woo work it girl

What do you do when a girl tells you that she likes you but is with a girl?

tell the girl who like you that you have a girlfriend and make sure you tell your girl that another girl like you cause if the other girl finds out that she like her man it might cause a little drama between them. Don't break up with yo girlfriend just to go with the other girl because u might just be breaking up with your 60 and going into a 20 and it also depends on where your relationship is with with them girlfriend)

If your girlfriend does not like your children what do you do?

Well then she isn't the right girl for you.

Have you dressed like a girl by your sister or by girlfriend?

Absolutely Yes.

What does it look like when a girl comes?

Get you a girlfriend and find out. :P

How do you ask girl to be your girlfriend?

I think your really beautiful. I love being around you. I was wondering of you would like to be my girlfriend....(or something like it)

What do you do if you love your best friend but you have a girlfriend?

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

You love a girl who have a girlfriend?

no !!you may love this girl but if you have a girlfriend then you should tell her how you feel about heralso you could tell the girl that you like her and see how she feels about you because you don't want to end your relationship if she doesn't like youhope this helps

How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend if you barly c her?

I'm a girl and I would like if a boy says: I really like you and even though we don't see each other a lot would you be my girlfriend