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If you like him then it should be ok if he knows - if you really don't want him to know then tell his friend that its not true and then nothing will happen.

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maybe who knows if she knows you she might tell you

You should be totally honest. Tell her you like her, who knows, she might have the same feeling.

Yes you should. It may be scary and you might be nervous at first...but its the best thing to do and who knows...maybe he likes you back! :)

your crush knows you like them cuz you might act weird in front of them or as some people say the more you anoy them the more you like them

You should tell him so that he knows it too. It might be the same feeling from the other side too.

Simply tell him but never in a text message or while chatting on the phone. You should tell him in person. Its the best way! It may seem scary and you might be nervous at first but you have to be confident! Who knows...maybe he likes you back! :)

Honestly they'll avoid you , or they'll tell you they know. But if you like them and they know theres a chance that they might like you back : )

You can tell her once you are alone. It might be the same feeling from her side too.

Simply tell him. Just never tell him in a text message or while chatting on the phone. You should tell him in person. Its the best way! It may seem scary and you might feel nervous at first but you have to be confident. Who knows, maybe he likes you back! Go for it!

Yes that is the best thing to do, it may seem scary but at least if you tell him you will have it off your chest and who knows, maybe he likes you back! :)

If you tell your friend then she would say ( WHAT ) If you don't tell your friend and your date knows that your friend have a crush on him, he might tell your friend that he has a girlfriend already.

Then the best friend should tell the boy that this girl likes him and after he knows the girl likes him the girl should go over and ask him out if you like him that much or make a conversataion with him so he knows that the girl really does like him and that's when they start off a relationship.

Its better when his best friend know then he can tell him that you like him and save some humiliation when u go and ask him.

it depends on who the person is, if you have liked this person for a long time then its best to tell them, and who knows maybe they like you and just dont show it

If your really feminine he probably knows... Otherwise take it slow and just start out like telling him your gay and then later tell him you like him

He already knows you really like him, he just needs to hear it from you!! He wouldn't be your best friend if he didnt like you, correct?!! No matter what the circumstance is, you should tell him you like him. Treat every moment as if it was your last, as that possibility is always there.

Then come on ahead and tell her it straight. Since she knows, she knows you like her and then there's no reason to run away from the fact. You might as well ask her out on a date or to date you, one of the two.

If he's ur best friend, he will understand when you ask him: "Do you like me., not as a friend, but possilby more? be honest" if he's such a good friend then he wont lie and tell u the truth.

they might act differnently around you than they used to. they might get awkward, they might be flirty, they might freak out whenever you talk to them, they might completely ignore you, it depends on the girl an how much she likes you.

Only my BEST friend knows who I like and she only knows my most embaressing moment. I like a guy named Trey... I am NOT going to tell u my most embaressing moment. She also knows that I SOMETIMES cuss.

no one knows but him, he might be too afraid to tell you or just doesn't want you to know, or maybe he just hasn't gotten the chance to tell you.

Simply go and talk to that friend. Clarify all the things that lead to him thinking like that about you. Tell him that you want him back and who knows he might come back as well.

You do lots of stuff with her and tell her how much she means to you and that you really want her to know she can tell you anything and you will keep her secrets that nobody else knows. I know that love my best friend like an amazing favorite sister...and i hope she knows all this!:)

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