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Let him decide. You wouldn't want to be in the same situation his wife is in would you?

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What does he means when he says he loves his wife but he is in love with you?

He is confused and needs to sort himself out.

Can a man who is having an affair really love his wife?

It depends, there are some married men that loves their wife but needs to have another woman in their life.

She tell you she is not in love with you but love you?

By Rachel x =]She loves you. and doesnt want you to leave, but she needs to know this isn't a stupid relationship, and she needs to get to know you inside out before she can decide whether she's fallin love. Give her a chance ;-).

How does the body react to exercise?

It loves it and it needs it

What should you do when your 13 and your boyfriend is already in love with you and wants to get married but you dont feel the same?

tell him that he is moving to fast for you and he needs to slow down. if he really loves you he WILL respect that.

Is it normal for your live-in boyfriend to want to spend the night over his friend's house?

Yes I'm betting he bro lay just wants to talk with somebody like himself not saying your not like him he just needs a night for himself don't get me wrong he loves you just needs his friend right now

What is the conflict in the James Joyce story ''Eveline''?

she needs to decide if she should move to argentina to get married to frank or stay with her family and at the last second she decides to stay with her family

What does it mean when he says he needs you?

AnswerIt sounds like he really cares about you or loves you and needs you in his life for that reason.

Your boyfriend of 8 months just broke up with you and said he is not happy and that he needs time to find himself what does that mean after he says he still loves you?

It means he loves you,but not the way you think love means, he's telling you that you are not the one for him....He may be bored with the relationship and wants to move on.

How do you know he loves you even if he is married?

He probably doesn't. You are exciting and a daring escapade for him, but he also needs someone to cook, clean, do laundry and raise children. Not glamorous, perhaps, but a need, not a desire.

Why money give you more loves?

It fulfills our needs and requirement.

What if a man married a younger woman but says he loves you?

tell him if you love me you have to break up with the younger woman. and then get married and then. happily ever after. BYE!!!!!!!___________________________________________________________________________or if hes married, he might just be after a fling. if hes going after you, and you commit yourself to him, he might do the same to you. if he just got married, or really doesn't like his wife, he needs to divorce her, not just have a one time thing.

He tells you he wants you needs you but does love you the way you love him What does this mean?

If he is saying he loves you the way you love him, do you love him? If yes he loves, quite a lot. If no, he loves you but understands how you feel.

What do you do when you love your ex boyfriend and he loves you back but he also loves someone else?

Ask him who he loves more? If he loves her more then ask him why then try to change and act like you don't like him anymore and he will realize that he NEEDS you

Where did they decide to add the amendments?

Because the needs of America changed

What do you do if your man loves you but you know he likes someone else?

you go to her house. meet her , tell her he loves you and she needs to find someone else

What do you do if a guy starts a relationship with you and tells you he loves you but in the end he tells you that he is already unhappily married and wants to marry you?

He very well may love you but he needs to sort out his other marriage before you move forward in your relationship.

Does she still care love you?

Of course she still loves you, but she feels that she needs time to think about her future and this has been a concern for some time. Just accept her descision and she will come back, but if you decide to put pressure on her it will cause her to be disstressed and look elsewhere.

How do you decide between two job offers?

The best way to decide between two different job offers is to way your options. Determine your needs and choose the company that best meets your needs.

How do you get him to propose?

Play hard to get? Like, if he thinks he has you there's no need for him to do it. He needs to see how much he needs you in his life and appreciates and loves you. Maybe take yourself off on a holiday without him so he has a chance to miss you. Whatever you do, dont mention it outright! He could run a mile and feel trapped or forced. He needs to arrrive at the idea all by himself.

Is it a divorce if papers never signed?

nope not technically. your married until the paper is signed Not strictly true. your ex just needs to be served. Then they can be summoned to appear in a divorce court to contest the divorce and let the judge decide the outcome. If the ex chose not to appear, the judge can decide on an uncontested case.

Do they show evidence at the preliminary hearing to decide what needs to happen?


What do you do if a guy loves you and another girl but cant decide?

He can't be in love with two people at the same time. There's a difference between 'loving someone' and 'being in love with someone'. He needs to make his mind up. Which one does he go to sleep and dream about, and then wakes up every morning, and thinks about her. That's the girl he needs.

When did Eddie kendricks get married?

He needs a wife

She needs to know if the one she loves loves her he thinks she did something she didn't do he is the love of her life and needs to know how he feels about her?

Wow. Gee. How touching. Shut the hell up, talk to him, and take some grammar classes. JERK