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You can get a basic idea of how he feels about you by the way he treats you. Does he always want to hang around you? Does he call you? Does he talk to you or initiate a conversation? If so, it would be a pretty safe bet that he likes you. However, I wouldn't take this to mean that he loves you. With some guys, if you tell them you love them, it could scare them off. Wait for him to make the first move in that area. In the mean time, just be his friend.

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A guy broke up with me because he didn't know what love feels like?

it sounds odd that he would break up with you because he didn't know what love feels like. but there are some sad people out there who really don't know how to love or don't know what love feels like, because they have never been loved.

How do you know its true love?

You'll know. It just feels right. I have had 5 boyfriends and with my current one I know it's true love because it just feels right. If you've felt the same with another person before, then it's not true love. True love always feels different.

Love is not love if you never loved at all?

That way you know how loving someone feels

Im in love with someone How do i know if he feels the same way?

by the expressions

How do you know your real love match?

When you first look at them. Or when you touch them and you feel something inside of you that feels good. Then you know that that is true love.

You love a girl and think that she is also in love with you how do you come to know whether she is in love with you or not?

It might be hard to truly know it she love you or not. Try to talk to her and ask her how she feels about you. You might be surprise about her answer.

How do you know that you actually love your boyfriend?

When your boyfriend is the first thing you think about when you wake up. You know you love him when everything feels new to you when you're with him.

How do you tell him your in love with him when you don't know how he feels?

ask him 1st like * how does he feel about you ?

How do you know lf a guy you love loves you?

he feels and acts the same way you do

What are some good love songs?

the best love song ever has to be feels like home... cheesy i know...

How does a 15-year-old know when they are in love?

If you say that you love the person after 2 days, then no. You will know when it hits you. There is no explanation because everyone feels love differently.

How do you know when you love someone?

Everyone feels different but we all feel a little special when in love. When you love someone you will know by the way you feel towards them and the way they make you feel.

Is friendship better or love?

Friendship is better if you don't know how the other person feels but if you do know then i say go for it

How do you tell your sister you love her but she don't love you back?

Send her a card and sign it "Love you" with your name. If she doesn't respond to it you know how she feels and it saves you the hurt in front of her. If she does respond you know where you stand with her.

How do you know if your boyfriend is the one?

you feel safe and complete when he around. you know he will be there for you. your heart feels phycially, mentally, and emotionally in love with him

How do you know if shes right for you?

If your her friend you should know her personality. Or like if you're with her already and if it feels right to be with her. And heres one question for you. Do you like or love her. Does she like or love you?

Does Joe Bennett love you?

Only he will know how he feels so its best to discuss this with him to find out for sure.

What type of story twilight has?

Twilight, is about a young girl who falls in love with a Vampire. She feels its safe to love him and to have love back but she doesn't know the real dangers out there.

How do you know you have fallen in love with the guy?

Trust me, you just know. And in my opinion if you're so uncertain that you have to ask others what it feels like, then you're not in love with a guy. You have a strong feeling about this guy,then,I suppose you are in love.

How do you say you love ya?

I wouldn't say it at all. I know it may be hard but make sure that you really love him. And if he feels the same way he should be the one to say it to you. If he does and you know he means it then you know he is a keeper.

How do you know if I am realli in love?

you will know when your in love, i really cant tell you how it feels. but i guess, when the person blows your mind, and he's/she's the best thing that could happen in your life!! I'm in love right know, and its a wounder full felling, there's so many feelings i have for her, i want her to be proud the shes married to me, and i don't want her to have a boring relationship with me!! trust me, you'll know what it feels like

When two men ar in love with you how do you know they really love you?

You don't, and probably will never truly know that they really love you; all you can do is hope. But you can tell which guy feels more emotional affection for you than physical.

You love a guy but how do you know if he loves you back?

ask a close friend to ask him how he feels about you it may help!

What do you do if you're an eleven year old and in love?

Nothing. You are only 11 and really don't know what love is and what it is about. You have a crush. Nothing. An eleven year old does not know what love is. They may feel like it but they don't know how it feels. I wouldn't do anything..they will grow out of it.

Should she believe in real love?

i don't know who this "she" is, but yes. true love does exist. in fact, i am in love right now, and it feels great! so yes, "she" should believe in 'real' love.

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