What if you missed a white pill in a 28 pack of birth control pills?


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Nothing, they are just sugar pills. You still need to take them though. It makes you remember to take your Birth Control. Nothing, they are just sugar pills. You still need to take them though. It makes you remember to take your birth control.

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There are about 12 different kinds of birth control pills. if you missed one you should immediately start using an alternate form of birth control and call your obgyn/clinic and ask the doctor/nurse about what to do.

It depends on the type of birth control, usually the white.

you will be fine. just to be safe dont have sex until a week after you are back on the real pills but nothing should happen.

In some birth control brands, the green pills are active pills and should not be skipped. In other brands, the green pills are placebos (sugar pills or reminder pills) and can be skipped. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider to get information specific to your brand of birth control pills.

99% no if you are taking the rest of the pills on time and not have missed any.

Yes. Birth control pills do not affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests.

Keep taking your birth control pills as scheduled. If you are on a progestin only pill, or a low dose estrogen pill with 25 or few mcg of estrogen, use a back up birth control method until you've taken the pill correctly for seven days.

about three days into your 'white' section of your pills is still normal

If that pill is round and white and the 81 is off red then it is an aspirin.

The white pills in Apri contain no medication, and have no effect on how well the red pills work.

In 1960 the drug started being used being used in USA. It was available for all the citizens of USA.

If you are referring to birth control pills, they should be taken exactly as prescribed. If you take the pink and white pills out of order, it can throw off your period and not be as effective in preventing pregnancy.

Birth control pills are generally very effective if you take them regularly every day. The white pill is for the week where you don't need additional hormones, but it keeps you on a regimen. These are different from the morning after pills.

When taking birth control pills the directions should be followed exactly as stated. With most pills now after 3 weeks worth of pills there are white blank pills to help you keep your place while you are on your period. (My mistake I think I deleted the previous answer. It disappeared and says I modified it)

I'm not on the brand of birth control pill, but I find it's usual for my period to take up to 4 days to come once I start the white pills.

The white pills are inactive hormones which is when you're off your period. And the green pills are active hormones and these you usually take when you are going through your period. But its still okay if you're not on you're period during the green pills cause the pills could make you a little bit late on you're period.

If it is your placebo pill, yes. They are there to keep you in the habit of taking pills. If it's your regular pill, not so much unless you are looking to conceive.

One way is if you are on the birth control pill. Skipping the white pills (colors may vary) or blanks as we know it, will cause you not to have a period.

Ok,first of all the six white pills are actually inactive...They are only sugar pills. You do not have to take them but you shud be on your period by the time you reach these pills

You take one birth control pill each day. Each pack contains (usually) 28 pills. The first 21 are "active" and contain hormones which prevent ovulation by mimicking pregnancy hormone levels. The last 7 pills are "inactive" or "reminder" pills and contain no hormones though they sometimes contain small amounts of iron. These pills are to keep the user in the habit of taking the pills once a day at the same time. ' The active pills and reminder pills are of different colors. The active pills may be white, green, brown or other colors while the reminder pills are often brown or white. Some brands offer packs that contain 24 active and 4 reminder pills. There are also types of pills that allow the user to get their period every three months.

It depends , reading below you will find your answer.How long have you been taking your birth control pills? If you have only been on birth control for less than 2 months, you may still be at risk of pregnancy while having unprotected intercourse during the week of the placebo pills.Do you properly take your birth control? If you properly take your birth control ;meaning that you take the pills every day at the same time each day, you are 99.9% protected from pregnancy. If you do not properly take the pills as directed you may increase your chances of becoming pregnant.Do you have spotting or breakthrough bleeding? If you do experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding, this can mean that you need a different dosage, typically a higher strength of birth control pills. This also means that the dosage you are currently are taking is not effective enough to prevent you from pregnancy. If you have experienced spotting or breakthrough bleeding for more than 3 months, you should see your physician to get the correct pills for you.Have you taken medication, such as antibiotics?If you have been taking antibiotics such as penicillin the effectiveness of your birth control will decrease. This also means that it would not be safe to have unprotected intercourse.If you have been taking birth control for more than 2 months, have properly been taking your birth control, have not experienced spotting or breakthrough bleeding as side effects and have not been taking antibiotics, you do not necessarily have to use a back up method, because you will still be protected from pregnancy during your placebo week.

Yes, the white pills are just like a placebo pill (sugar pill). They don't contain any of the medicine. You need to take them so you can keep track of when to start your next new pack.

The blue ones are faux pills and not taking the white ones is what starts your period. They are hormones and they tell your body not to have a period. The blue ones just keep you on track so you can have the right number of days before you start your new cycle of pills.

There is no pill like that. The different pills in a pill pack mean different things. The white ones are active pills that have the hormones to prevent pregnancy, the brown pills are inactive that just keep you in the habit of taking the pills. Some brown pills contain iron, but they don't stop you're period.

yes. You will not get your period until you get to your "inactive pills". They are sometimes a different color than the rest of your pills in the pack. For example, if the pills are mostly pink, then the ones at the end of the month are white, when they turn white you are expected to get your period. However, if before you began taking bc you had unprotected sex and expect that you could be pregnant, you should stop taking the pill because it could cause birth defects of a miscarrage. Be sure to talk to your doctor and read the instructions that come with your pills!

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