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What if you notice changes in your cervical mucus slight cramping swollen glands in your neck and swollen and sore nipples What are the chances of this meaning your pregnant?


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Hi, I just came off the pill a few weeks ago, did not use any contraception last weekend, and I believe I ovulated this week (a guesstimate). I have had so much cervical mucus the last few days, that I thought I was peeing my knickers the other day, that happened twice. Since then I am still discharging more than average mucus and now my nipples are tender, but with all of that, I am 99% sure that I am not pregnant, unless I ovulated early. I have not had a period for years (having been on the pill for that long) so do not remember what the effects of a normal cycle are, but from what I remember I had no sore nipples or this abundance of cervcal mucus, but very erratic periods. I know periods can change over time and I will add, I have at least 6 fibroids! I kinda hope I am pregnant, but feel that is not the way at this particular moment.