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That means that you have liability coverage only, which does not cover your damages. If the other driver is uninsured, the only option left is, to take him to court and sue him for your damages.


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Personally I would sue the person for damages in a civil court for payment of the repair or replacement of the car.

No. No kind of insurance covers drunk driving.

You can file a claim with your insurance company. You can also get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the drunk driver.

I know someone currently in that situation. If the insured person is at fault (states so on police report) you should do your best to obtain a police report and get his insurance information. You or your attorney should contact his insurance company to file a claim. This is the stage my friend is at. I will let you know how it turns out. In her situation she was able to obtain an arrest report as it was the hit and run of a parked car by a drunk driver. The driver was arrested that evening and several other cars on the block were damaged.

yes because there might be a drunk/reckless driver and you need insurance if you're in a crash to cover damages

In Australia you would have to take him through a small claims court. and have him pay the cost for the legals as well. if you have the money to start of with.

Each person's insurance should cover their own vehicle. It's part of un and under insured driver coverage. It protects you against a case just like this. Now if the person doesn't have it then that is their own fault and they will have to pay for the damages out of their own pocket. The individual insurance companys should repair the vehicles and then they will turn around and draw a lawsuit against the drunk-driver for the cost of all the damages. Most states will put all blame on the drunk driver, but it is possible that your state might be different. The police report will be your best sourc of that information.

If your policy excludes acts during the commission of a felony then No.

I guess she tries to collect from the drunk's insurance or sues the drunk and or the boyfriend. If the drunk has no insurance or money, or the boyfriend has no money I think you have your answer. If she has her own medical insurance, she could probably use that.

Yes, most likely. Review your policy to be sure. However, if the drunk driver caused damages in excess of his or her policy limit, the drunk driver can be held personally liable.

The owner of the illegally parked vehicle may be ticketed, but the "at fault" driver is responsible for the damages to the parked vehicle.

No, your claim for injury relates to the injury you have suffered. However a drunk driver has broken the law and therefore would normally be subject to punishment by the state - this is a separate issue.

The standard insurance companies would not insure you if you are involved in drunk driving. Once you are charged with drunk driving, the standard insurance company will cancel your policy, subject to your insuring yourself in the specialty market - high risk insurers like Pilot insurance, Echelon insurance or any other company.

No, he wasn't. Charlie and Sam were struck by a drunk driver after the baseball game.

aggressive driver, drunk driver, distracted driver, inconsiderate driver, illegal driver

Many national car insurance companies will vastly increase your rates or cancel your policy altogether after a drunk driving conviction or an administrative DMV.

Many states have laws that automatically assign blame to a drunk driver since he/she shouldn't have been on the road in the first place. But for the purposes of the insurance company, blame will be placed on the driver who rear-ended someone else unless there is proof that the driver in front slammed on the brakes to force the other driver to hit him. That's very difficult to prove. Obviously the drunk driver will be charged with Driving While Impaired and will get a hefty fine. The other driver will probably also be held responsible. Neither insurance company will be happy and both drivers will get to have SOME bad news.

A case by the state against a drunk driver for disobeying the law is a criminal case. If some sues a drunk driver for damages the driver caused as a result of their negligance, that would be a civil case.

What Should You Do - 2003 Drunk Driver was released on: USA: 5 November 2004

yes because if he/she is drunk and crashes into you that is considered illegal

No, but if involved in an accident, even when not at fault, the drunk driver would still be guilty of, and could be charged with, DUI.

It can be. It is the past participle of to drink but as a adjective means inebriated by alcohol (drunk driver).

Once your policy was cancelled you no longer have coverage. Hopefully the drunk driver has good enough insurance to take care of your damages.

It should. If the "at fault" vehicle is insured, it's supposed to cover the victim's vehicle 100%. If the "at fault" vehicle has comprehensive and collision insurance that insurance is supposed to cover the at fault vehicle up to the deductable amount. Note that the drunk driver will loose his insurance and be required to get the VERY expensive DUI "insurance endorsment" since he/she is now in the highest risk bracket. BTW, when a drunk driver causes a collision it's not called an "accident". Accident is when things just happen. Driving drunk is the CAUSE of the collision and as such the collision is not called an accident. Call it a wreck, crash or just about anything else that takes away the implication of a random act.

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