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You should drain the oil in the engine. Put engine oil back in the engine because the transmission oil is not made for engines and will hurt the moving parts of the engine if left in.

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Q: What if you put transmission fluid in the engine instead of the transmission by mistake?
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How do you add transmission fluid to a Chevrolet 350 vortec engine?

You should never add transmission fluid to a Chevrolet 350 engine. You can add transmission fluid to the transmission through the transmission dipstick holder.

What if you accidentally pour engine oil instead of transmission fluid?

you will have to have it towed to a shop to have the trans flushed; do not drive it!!

Can you use an automatic transmission fluid to clean engine?

NO!!!! do not do this, oil is oil, transmission fluid is transmission fluid, and antifreeze is antifreeze, do not mix any of these, it can perminately damage your engine.

Can you put transmission fluid on a diesel engine?

If you mean "in" the engine, as in "instead of motor oil," the answer's no. I guess you could probably put it on the engine, if you can explain why you'd want to.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a diesel engine?

to the transmission, not the engine

Is transmission fluid the same as coolant?

No. Transmission fluid lubricates the transmission. Coolant is used by the radiator to cool the engine.

Where is the transmission fluid on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

The transmission dipstick is at the center rear of the engine comparment behind the distributor. This is how you have to fill the transmission fluid as well. DO NOT overfill the transmission fluid, that is the quickest and easiest way to damage a transmission. Transmission fluid is to be checked on a warm engine, idling in park.

When you got an oil change why was the oil red?

Either someone put transmission fluid in the oil filler or the transmission fluid drain plug was mistakenly opened instead of the engine oil. In other words, transmission fluid is red and engine oil should be amber to black in colour. Note some automobiles use red fluid for power steering as well but usually don't have a drain plug for that.

How many quarts of transmission fluid go in to a 2001 dodge ram 1500 318 engine?

Transmission fluid doesn't go into the engine.

How do you check transmission fluid on a Honda fourtrax rincon 2005?

The Honda Rincon uses engine oil as transmission fluid so when you change your engine oil or check your engine oil level you are also changing or checking the transmission fluid at the same time.

Can you use water instead of transmission fluid in the radiator in an emergency?

You should never use transmission fluid in a radiator.You can use water without antifreeze in a radiator, but if the engine gets below 32 F (0 C) the water will freeze and severely damage the engine.

How many quarts of transmission fluid in a 97 Chevy Express 7.4 liter engine?

The 1997 Chevrolet express 7.4 liter engine should never have transmission fluid point into it. The engine holds 6.4 quarts of motor oil. The transmission holds nine quarts of transmission fluid.

transmission fluid is getting into engine oil, any ideas how?

transmission fluid is getting into engine in our 1984 ford f 150

Does a 2001 Toyota 4Runner take transmission fluid or does the transmission use engine oil?

It calls for transmission fluid =]

What if you use the wrong type of oil?

Well, if you only used a different grade of oil, like 10W-30 instead of 5W-30, everything should be fine 'til the next oil change. If you put the wrong type of transmission fluid in your transmission, like Dexron/Mercon instead of Chrysler ATF+4, get the fluid changed and transmission flushed immediately; incorrect transmission fluid type can ruin your transmission. If you put oil in your transmission, or transmission fluid in your brake fluid, or brake fluid in your power steering pump or engine (or any other variation of fluid confusion that may exist), you may be in for some costly repairs. Get the suspect system flushed and fluid changed as soon as possible.

How do you check transmission fluid on 2005 neon sxt?

Just like with engine oil, transmission fluid is easy to check. There is a dipstick similar to that used to check engine oil levels. It is usually farther back on the engine. Pull it out and check the levels of the transmission fluid.

Can transmission fluid be used instead of brake fluid for i30 infiniti?

NO !

Does a manual transmission on a Saturn sl1 have to have fluid in it to engage starter?

Your manual transmission does not have to have fluid in it in order to start the engine. Theoretically you can start the engine with the transmission out of the vehicle totally. That being said.... Its not a good idea to start the engine if there is no fluid in the transmission just in case someone tries to move the vehicle by putting it in gear. You do not want to drive the vehicle with no fluid in the trans.

Where do you put transmission fluid on a subaru impreza?

im not sure if it is the same for an automatic transmission, but for a manual, it should be under the hood, in the engine bay. when you open the hood, you are standing in front of the engine, look behind the engine, where the engine joins with the transmission, on the left side... that is if you are standing in front of the car, look on the left side of the transmission, there should be a 12 inch dip-stick that goes into the transmission housing. this is where you can check the fluid level, or add fluid. if you change the fluid, you refill the transmission from here as well

Do you need the engine to be running when adding transmission fluid to a 1995 ford areostar?

Do you need the engine to be running when adding transmission fluid to a 1995 ford aerostar

Where is the transmission fluid intake located on the engine of a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0?

Its the transmission dip stick tube is how you add transmission fluid.

Why does a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee turn off when you put it in reverse?

If the engine dies when you shift to reverse (or any gear), then it could be low on transmission fluid. If this is the case, do not drive it or you could destroy your transmission, which is a very expensive repair. Get the transmission fluid problem (possibly leaking seals) fixed instead.

Where is transmission fluid dipstick to add transmission fluid to 2005 Chevy Malibu?

There should be two dipsticks under the hood on a Malibu. One will be plainly marked "OIL" or "ENGINE OIL." The other one is your transmission fluid. This is assuming your Malibu has automatic transmission. If your Malibu has a manual transmission (stick shift), then there is no dipstick for transmission fluid -- manual trannies get lubrication from the engine oil.

Where do you put transmission fluid in a Honda Accord?

Transmission fluid can be poured through the engine compartment on a Honda Accord. There is a dipstick and reservoir where the fluid can safely be placed.

How is the transmission fluid on a 1994 Dodge Spirit 2.5 engine changed?

The fluid is drained by removing the transmission pan.