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than you have to brake up with that guy as soon as possible no matter how nice or etc. he is becuase the more time you spend with him the more he will start to really feel like his in love

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Should you text the guy after he said he would text you?

no, you dont want to sound desperate and scare the guy away.

What do you do if a guy likes you but you dont like him enough to date him?

im sorry your a really great guy but i just dont like you that way. we have an amazing friendship and i dont want to wreak that

You want to date this guy but you dont know how he feels about you?

Ask him or talk to him find out more

What should I do when the guy I have a crush on shows he cares about me but doesn't want to date me?

Dont worry about it and move on

Is it normal for your brothers to hate every guy that you hang out with?

yes they dont want u to date any of them

Does Robert Pattinson want to be married?


What does it mean what a guy says you smell good?

It mean you smell good and he want to be your girlfriend and want to have a date with you good luck on that!!!!

How to make a guy jelous?

Well... you havent said why you want to make him jealous, so i dont know the answer. Sorry

How do you react to a guy that said he likei you?

Well if you like him then tell him, but if you dont just tell him you want to be just friends.

How do you ask a guy on a date if he has asked before but only because of dares and you said no because of the dares?

Just ask dont be shy

If a guy says you should wait to date but you don't want to how do you tell him that you want to date?

ask him why you guys cant date yet and tell him that you dont think theres a reason not to date and since you like eachother, you should just go out!

You are going to the cinemas with a guy and its not a date and you really want to kiss him what should you do?

Go for It!!, But dont go hard do it light and passionetly

Who pays at blind date?

Still the guy or you dont get another date with the girl..

What if you found out that your old guy friend likes you and you start feeling weird about him?

if you dont have feelings about him like if you dont want to date him ten ask him nicely if he can back off

How do you nicely reject a guy?

well this guy and I were already friends, but he ask me to be his "girlfriend". I said im sorry no i dont want to ruin our friendship, im really sorry

What should you do if a guy tells you he loves you but you arent dating and you want to wait a couple yrs to date but you dont want to lose him in that time?

If you don't want to lose him, go ahead and date him. The "let's be friends" line rarely works.

Guy told me he single n still having feeling with a girl he want be his gf but she dont want to but he say he like me but want be gf n bf but dont have title yet aassup?

If the guy is single, but still has feelings for another girl than you should not date him. He may be using you as a rebound.

If the guy you like has a girlfriend but said that they were probably breaking up but hasn't and says romantic things if he lives out of state and you have plans to meet him will they want to date you?

Rule. Do not date a guy who has a girlfriend. Do not date a guy even if he and his girlfriend are probably going to breakup. Do not date a guy if you suspect he has a girlfriend. You do not ever want to be that person, the other woman. It's not a classy place to be and will probably bite you later. Wait for a guy who can spend his romantic energy on you, and not any other girl.

When a guy tells you he will date you in a while and he gets a girlfriend will he still want to date you?

Depends on what type of guy he is.

I am a guy and if you want to ask a girl out on a date but all of your parents are all friends and you are friends with her how do you ask her out?

first off dont be scared dont worry just ask her out . but you might want to ask your parents if they think it will be ok =]

What does it mean when a guy who you're flirting with says he is a handful?

he is trying to make you see you dont want to date him because he doesn't like u

How do you get a girl if she already said no?

If you want to get a girl you have to impress her by changing on what type of guy she likes then be that way and dont forgett the style as well and the attatude.

What should you do when you like a guy and his friends dont want him to date you?

Dont let other people control you , make your own decisions. If you like a guy and you like him then you should follow your heart. Don't make other people make the decision for you .

What should you do you like this guy but its your best friends ex how long should you wait to date him or never?

Dont date him your friends will most likely be upset and not want to talk to you unless You talk to her about it

If your parents are racist and are not letting you date a guy then what do you do?

not date the guy...then when your on your own (workign paying your own bills your own rent etc) what you want.. it may nto racism against him coudl be they can tell hes a loser....and you jsut dont see it