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No, Nuva Ring will not harm or end a pregnancy. Of course, there's no point in keeping it in if you're already pregnant, but I'm guessing you were asking about accidental pregnancy.

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Q: What if you use NuvaRing while you're pregnant?
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Why can't you use NuvaRing if you're pregnant?

NuvaRing is for prsventing pregnancy. It has no use for a pregnant woman.

How long can you use the NuvaRing?

You use NuvaRing for three weeks at a time. You can continue using it until you want to get pregnant or until menopause, whichever comes first.

How long can you use NuvaRing?

You can leave a NuvaRing in place for four weeks, as long as you insert the new one the very next day. If you mean "for how many years," you can use NuvaRing until you want to get pregnant, or until menopause.

Can you use yeast infection cream while using NuvaRing?

Yes, you can use yeast infection cream while using NuvaRing. There's no need to remove the ring for treatment.

Can you use a NuvaRing that has been expired over a year?

NO! It will NOT be effective! (aka you will likely get pregnant!)

Do you have to wait after your first missed period to know if youre pregnant?

That is one way of knowing you are pregnant but some women still have a period while pregnant that is why you should also use the pregnancy test

Is using the NuvaRing while bleeding safe?

Yes, it's perfectly normal and safe to insert it while you're still bleeding. You can continue to use whatever sanitary products you normally use while the Nuvaring is in (tampons or pads).

Should you remove NuvaRing if you think you might be pregnant?

NuvaRing will not harm or end an existing pregnancy, but it is of no use to a pregnancy woman. Take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Can you get pregnant when you're on your period while taking NuvaRing?

If you've used NuvaRing correctly in the previous weeks, you're at no increased risk of pregnancy during the ring-free week. If you've made an error in ring use, you may be at risk regardless of bleeding.

How old do you have to be to use nuvaring?

Yes, you can use NuvaRing at any age.

Are you most likely to become pregnant if you use NuvaRing incorrectly?

I've used nuvaring incorrectly on and off for 5 months (put in late, forgot it out and started new cycle early, put in late again) and I didn't get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you forgot to insert NuvaRing 9 days after start of period?

Yes, I did not insert my NuvaRing for 9 days and found out I was pregnant. Follow all of the directions and be sure to use backup if your ring is out greater than 7 days.

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