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Well here's a hint.....if you become pregnant, the condom broke.

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Q: What if you used protection but you are not sure if the condom burst or not?
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Related questions

Can you get pregnant if your using just a condom and no birth control?

Condoms will protect you from pregnancy without birth control pills. However, the condom must be used properly. To ensure protection from pregnancy while only using condoms, you must be sure that the condom is the proper size, make sure that the condom outside of the condom does not come in contact with the male genitalia.

Can moisturizer be used as lube?

Not on a condom. Only use lube made4 for condoms or they can burst.

Did the birth rate decline in the middle ages?

protection are been used among them.. such as condom etc..

What is a condom-?

A condom is a protection device commonly used during sexual intercourse to prevent people from falling pregnant and from spreading sexual transmitted infections such as AIDS/HIVs

What are the chances of getting pregnant at 13 years old and uses protection?

Using a condom is a very good way to reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Make sure you know how to use it. Make sure it's used properly, and you won't get a pregnancy.

What are the odds of getting pregnant while using protection?

it is about 5-7% that you could get pregnant if you used protection. unless the condom had broken then it is more likely.

Do you have to wear a condom if you are on birth control?

It is recommended you still wear a condom even if your partner is using the contraceptive pill. The pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) so a condom should be used for protection.

If you're on the pill and used a condom what are the chances of getting pregnant if the condom fell off but was still inside you?

even if you wouldn't have used a condom the chances would have been 99/1 because you're on the pill. now that you used double protection but it fell off i bet it was like 99,0000000001/1 so you don't have to worry. just try to get the condom out of the vagina ^^

How is consumer protection and bar code used in the manufacturing industry?

in many ways includong through a condom

How can machines be used safely?

They can be used safely by wearing protection i.e. condom's when having sex and ear muffs for noise reduction

What is a diaphragm I read it in a book and I think it's related to sex?

its a protection used by a girl just like a condom used by men..........

What is the white stuff on a condom when they have not been used?

That's most likely spermicide. Spermicide kills any sperm cells if they escape from the condom. Basically, the "white stuff" is extra protection.

Is their any chance of getting pregnant even with the protection?

Depending on what type/ how much protection, there is usually always a chance of getting pregnant. If only a condom is being used, then it is absolutely still possible to get pregnant (the condom can break). The more protection used, the lesser the chance of getting pregnant, BUT the only way to prevent pregnancy 100% is not to engage is sexual intercourse at all.

What is ultra viral protection?

A giant condom, that wraps around your body, so you cannot contract unwanted disease. The giant condom was invented by Dale Petherwick in 1824 and is used worldwide in modern day. It was also used as a prop in Dawn of the Dead.

Well I am sexually active and I always use protection. I had my period on May 9th and it lasted a week as usual. I was sexually active on the 17th of May. im spotting am i pregnant?

If you always use protection then you should be alright. especially if the protection you used was a condom.

Do male or female condoms work better?

Both if used correctly are safe forms of protection. Both have positives and negatives. Where as both protect against pregnancy, the male condom offers more protection against STD's. A male condom is simple to use and more noticeable it it breaks or slips off. The female condom is a little more difficult to put on, but both partners will feel more as there is no barrier between them. But, with that, it is susceptible to becoming dis-logged during vigorous sex. Those are the most prominent points of both. Personally, I like the feel of no condom, so I like the female condom. Not all women are willing to use them though, so always have yours on standby as 'Plan-B'. Any protection is good protection, but remember, any choice and any consequence is your and your partner's choice. You can also buy Male / Female Condom's on the internet.

Can you get HIV when having safe sex and using protection?

No. Protected sex means using a condom. If you use a condom you can't get the HIV virus. HIV is passed on through sharing drug needles or by having unprotected sex. The only danger is if the condom breaks. If the condom is put on carefully without any tearing, and there is plenty of lubrication used (either natural or from a tube) then there should be no problem.

Can you still be pregnant if he uses a condom and the condom was used right and he came in the condom?


How many condoms do you have to wear to prevent a girl getting pregnet?

ONE - used RIGHT - will offer very good protection against pregnancy. Doubling up will actually increase the risk of the condom tearing, which will make the condom ineffective.

What Are the chances of you being pregnant even if you used a condom?

I'm pretty sure condoms are 98 percent effective

What kind of protection should be used when not on a period?

A condom, birth control pills, the list goes on. Ask your local planned parenthood, they can help you and they are very nice.

Can a woman get pregnant even if the man wears protection?

If the condom is used right she can not. It has to fit perfectly, be whole and not break or slide off and if he is inside if her it has to be on at all time.

If you're on birth control there's no need to use a condom?

BCP do not protect against STI's or HIV. If you and your partner are sexually monogamous with a prior clean slate for STD's you do not need a condom. Many woman use a condom just to prevent that tiny little chance of pregnancy, the pill is 99.5% effective when used as directed. Using a condom gives piece of mind if there is ever a forgotten BCP. What you don't need to use while on BCP is Emergency Contraceptives for condom breakage etc. The OCP at 99.5% protection is well over the protection one would get from the ECP.

Is it likely that someone can get herpes if not using protection?

It doesn't really matter if some one uses a condom or not, doesn't make them any more likely to get it. Herpes can be passed even if conoms ARE used. Herpes can affect areas of the genitals that are not covered by the condom, if some one has a break out where the condom doesn't cover their partner could still get it.

Ok so im 11.5 weeks pregnant i have been with a guy for 6 months well i cheated on him once and used protection the same month i got pregnant do you think its the other guys and how much is a DNA test?

Chances are you are pregnant by your boyfriend. Unless something happened to the protection you used with the other guy, (condom broke, hole in condom). The price of DNA test vary among states, clinics, and hospitals.