What if you were really close with a friend and then all of a sudden things change what should you do?


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December 22, 2014 2:38AM

This is a really good question considering that it happens to many people. Things can change in relationships for many reasons. The first thing to find out is if your friend is having any big difficulties in their life. Has a close relative past? Did they get/lose a boyfriend/girlfriend? If there is something big happening in their life, their behavior can change without them really knowing it. This can put a wall between two really good friends. Another thing to consider is how long the problem has been going on. Maybe its has been going on for a year and you just didn't really realize it. People do change and sometimes when tow people change, it can change friendships. The best thing to do is just to talk to your friend and find out what they think about the situation. Hope this helps, and i hope you stay friends! :)