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What if you would like to live with your grandmother instead of your aunt?

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I say bismarckcity

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Is your dad's aunt your great aunt?

That is correct, like your Dad's grandmother is your great grandmother.

What would my father's auntie be to me?

Your father's auntie is your great aunt. Just like your father's grandmother is your great grandmother.

What relation is great grand fathers daughter to you?

My ancestor She would be my grand-aunt (unless, of course, she were actually my grandmother). A grand-aunt is not technically an "ancestor", although I do rather like the recently coined expression "ancestral aunt".

How do you say aunt in different languages?

well you can either say it like ant. or you can say like a uh instead of the a in aunt. French: my aunt = ma tante Spanish: my aunt = mi tía German: my aunt = meine Tante

What did Miley Cyrus miley Stewart mean when she said she's seen what that looks like when she was talking to her grandmother and Aunt Dolly?

she meant she didn't want to end up like her mam ma and aunt dolly. because they don't like each other

What is the difference between mama and baba?

In Hungarian-American families, baba is like saying "grandmother". Some may use it instead of "grandmother" in reference to a great-grandmother. Mama means just that; your maternal parent.

How would you describe aunt sponge and aunt spikers house?

aunt Spiker is very very thin like a pencil and ugly like a garbage with her glasses aunt Sponge is enormously fat and really ugly like a sponge

How do you say father's mother in Finnish?

you mean like grandmother? grandmother would be isoäiti but ''father's mother'' is isän äiti

What does ba-san mean in Japanese?

It's a shortened form of おばさん which means "aunt" (either someone else's or used to address your own aunt; it sounds like the latter in this case). If it had an extra "a" (おばあさん) then it would be grandmother, with the same context.

Is aunt capitalized in a sentence?

Aunt is not capitalized in a sentence other than when its the beginning of one. This is because the word "aunt" is not a proper noun. If it were it would be spelled "Aunt" If aunt is being used to talk about a specific person like Aunt Lucy, then it can be capitalized.

How do you not spread the head lice?

You should not sharing items to your family like your cousin, your nephew, your niece, your brother, your sister, your uncle, your aunt, your grandfather, your grandmother, your father, and your mother.

Other names for grandmother I would like to know some African names or nicknames for grandmother.?

granny nanny grams *Grammy, Nana.

Would you like me to send a Fruit Flower Arrangement to you Aunt in Omaha, NE?

Yes, I would like you to send a fruit flower arrangement to our aunt in Omaha, NE Yes I would like to send a fruit arrangement to my daughter in Silver Spring, Md.

What would you call the aunt of your husband?

You can call her Aunt X if you like, but although she is your husband's aunt and your children's great aunt, she is notrelated to you.There is no specific term in the English language to refer to your husband's aunt. Some people simply follow the spouse's usage and call her "aunt."

Can you get married at the age of 17 with a family members consent like an Aunt instead of a parents?

It has to be the legal guardian so only if your aunt is your legal guardian and not your parents. Only the legal guardian is responsible for you.

What is a Russian grandmother?

A Russian grandmother is the grandmother of a child, but she has to be Russian. Like a American or British grandmother is the grandmother to a child, but she has the respective heritage.The Russian term for grandmother is babushka.

Is it pronounced aunt or aunt?

Sounds like Ant. Aunt may be pronounced like "ant" or like "ont" or something in between.

How do you say aunt?

There are 2 ways to say it. Aunt like ant. Aunt like unt like in the end of the word blunt.

In To Kill a Mockingbird why does Scout tell Atticus that she would like it very much if her aunt came to live with them?

In to Kill a Mockingbird Why did Scout tell Atticus that she would like it very much if her aunt came to live with them?

How can you get Chris Brown to like your aunt?

You can get Chris Brown to like your aunt by telling him all the good things about your aunt.

How do you on bluetooth of dell vostro 1014 1015?

i would like to have xxx with your grandmother sucker

How do you hug your shy girlfriend?

Approach slowly and give her a hug like you would your grandmother.

Other names for grandmother you would like to know some names or nicknames for grandmother?

Mimi, Nana, Granny, Gran, Grandma, Grandmama, Momo, ect.

What do you call husband's aunt? example honey there's aunt louiana

How is your father's brother relate to you?

Your father's brother would be your uncle, just like your father's sister would be your aunt.