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What if your 1995 240sx overheating and then stalled out on the highway now it will crank but it will not turn over what do you need to fix?


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2005-11-17 11:17:13
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Something can be wrong with your starter.. have you tried push starting the car? Check your coolant systems.. radiator, water pump, thermostat..


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Yes but the 95 bell housing will need to be reused to the crank angle sensor can be retained

The 240sx KA24DE has 155 crank horse power rated by the factory

that's not a question. questions usually start with how, who, what and why. but if you're wondering if you have one on your car yes you do

Neukin Says: 105-112 ft-lb for a manual trans.. flywheel to crank

behind the harmonic dampner/crank pulley on the right side i believe, make sure not to whack, smack, or crack it please, then youll be in hurt

Hey Tony==The crank sensor is on the rear of some jeeps attached to the bell housing. It in itself won't cause overheating. If you have electric fans, make sure they are operating properly. Make sure the radiator is flowing coolant and not have a bunch of build up. Good luck Joe

it could be many things but on mine it threw a code for the crank position sensor. without the ecu having knowledge of the crank it just couldn't get the timing down and stalled. so do the on off on off on with the key and see what codes pop up. than u can go from there.

Overheating from the engine wears down the sensor and will go out when it gets to hot , after awhile it could be completely degraded to where it wont work anymore

I would first consider that the car stalled BEFORE the lights came on. You might have a bad ignition switch or loose connection at the battery.

Might be the timing belt broke,remove cap and see if rotor spins. line up timing mark and see if rotor points to #1 plug wire on cap.

i just had that problem (crank angle sensor) under the distributor cap...just got one for about $180 but never stalled while driving again ...saves the headache get one!!!

This is not a good descripton of the problem. Cranks? you mean the starter works? But the engine is not ? Yes, it stalled...and now it acts like it wants to turn over (cranks), but will not start. The starter does work. The engine will not fire up and run. The battery has ample voltage and amperage. Could an "overheating" problem cause this...wouldn't it start up after it cooled down if it overheated? Thanks for the help.

Check the cars ignition coil and crank sensor. Either of these could be overheating and causing the car to not start until it sits for a while.

Yes it can. To much oil and the crank can turn it into foam. Which will cause a loss of oil pressure. This can lead to engine damage and over heating if you run it long enough.

Crank means to like crank ahandle.

Sounds like a bad crank shaft or possibly other serious internal part. Likely your engine is ruined, I would get it towed to a shop so they can hook it up to the computer and tell you for certain.

No, it will crank, but it will not start.

This could be an indication of a failing crank sensor. GM has issued a recall for this and you shoudl be able to find out more information from any cadillac or GM dealer.

the difference is that crank that superman is the remix and crank that is not

i have a 90 240sx and it was pretty simple first you remove the housing by taking the screws out (make sure u unplug the automatic lights)then crank them up to the highest by taking the caps off of the pump sort of pry at the plastic housing and lift it up and tward you. after that unscrew the metal support that attaches it to the car pull the light out and unplug it from the back get a new light and go backwards

the crank is the pedals

The Best Crank is Stock Crank.Here's Honda's updated crank part # 13090-hp1-315.

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