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Babe, handsome, etc.

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Q: What if your boyfriend calls you baby as a nickname what is your nickname to him?
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Your boyfriend wants a nickname and you cant think of any for him He calls you his baby girl what should you call him?

Your Baby Boy!

What can you call your boyfriend when he calls you babe?


Why does your boyfriend calls you baby?

It's just a term of endearment.

How do you say 'i love you' to your boyfriend?

Like this Girlfriend: Hey babe/baby.whatever nickname you call him Boyfriend: Hey (whatever nickname he calls you Girlfriend: I love you Done and done

What should you call your boyfriend after he calls you babe?

baby, honey, love

What if your boyfriend calls another girl baby?

Her name might actually be baby. I've seen it.

What does it mean if a guy calls you baby cakes?

It is just a cute nickname like baby, honey, sweetie, ect.

What is a cute signurature about your boyfriend on your phone?

love you babe or it could be a nickname like my boyfriend calls me sammi bear and i call him care bear

What is a cute nickname for your boyfriend?

an cutte nickname could be: Teddy(bear), hootie,baby,sweety A cute nickname could be... Lover, Sweetie, Honey, Cutie, and names like that. My boyfriend's nickname is May May. I know it might sound stupid but that's the point!

I need a character name for a short skinny 17 year old girl with super dark features she needs a long formal name that her family calls her and a nickname her boyfriend calls her any ideas?

prerana preetinanda and nickname is tina

What do you say to your new boyfriend when he calls you baby?

If you dont like that tell them not to call you that. But if you dont mind call him baby, boo, love, sweety, hun.

What should you nickname your boyfriend?

you should nickname your boyfriend that you can combind his name into for example if his name was braden brady cady. It does not have to make sense he is your boyfriend and any nickname will show that you like him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you baby?

One way to interpret it is that he's trying to show his affection to you using a word that has positive attributes such as "baby, honey, sweetheart".

Cute nickname for your boyfriend?

baby, babe, honey, sweetie, cuddy buddy, snicker doodle, teddy bear, daddy :)

Do girls like being called baby or babe more?

It depends on the girl. I personally love it when my boyfriend calls me babe.

What does baybay mean?

Baybay is often used as a "nickname" for baby, as in a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. It can also be a nickname for people whose name begins with a "bay" sound (for examply, Bailey).

Who is Amy rose's boyfriend?

Calls! Sonic the hedgehog her boyfriend ^_^

Why is Tojo's nickname the razor?

close calls

What is a good nickname for your boyfriend?

Babe is always a good nickname or hun

What do you nickname your boyfriend?

I don't have a boyfriend, but I guess you called "dear" or "honey"!

Your boyfriend wants a nickname and you cant think of any for him he calls me short cake or short stuff what should you call him?

call him toodle-muffin-love-sauce or the equivalent

What does it mean to say papito to your boyfriend?

It's a Latin nickname for your boyfriend. I call my boyfriend papito :)

What is Tinkerbell's nickname?

In Peter Pan he calls her "Tink"

What is Homer Simpson nickname?

Marge calls him Homie

What is Johannesburg nickname?

People calls Johannesburg: JoBurg