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There is still a very small chance you could end up pregnant

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Can you become pregnant if your boyfriend barely rubs his penis against your vagina without a condom?

I would say unlikely but in future use a condom even when messing around.

You skipped one day of birth control on your last 7 days pack your boyfriend used a condom are you pregnant?

Well, if you used a condom.. Then that reduces your chances of becoming pregnant. However, nothing is 100%, so i would advise a pregnancy test.

Can you get pregnant 3 weeks after birth with a condom?

With the proper use of condom that would be very improbable.

What are the chances that you are pregnant if on mini pill and used condom but having a few pregnant symptoms a month later?

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

Can i be pregnant if he had a condom on I'm on birth control and he didnt even go all the way in or cum?

No, if he was wearing a condom it would not mater how far he put it in and it would not mater if he came or not. the condom would stop the sperm that makes you pregnant from entering your reproductive system.

How would you use the word pregnant in a sentence?

Last night i had sex without a condom and now I am pregnant.

Can you get her pregnant even if you don't have a condom?

Okay first of all, the condom is used to preventpregnancy. In order to get pregnant you would want to NOT use a condom. So YES!!!! That is how you do get her pregnant. Use a condom or hold off and go get some from WalMart real fast before having sex if you don't want to get her pregnant. I promise you that condoms are a lot cheaper than a kid.

What are the chances of a fourteen getting another fourteen year old pregnant on first try?

There's a 25-75 chance favoring that you would not get her pregnant. You could use a condom and not get her pregnant, or you don't use a condom and you have a chance at getting her pregnant.

What do you do when you boyfriend comes to your house?

What the two of you do is really up to you, however, if you decide to have sex, it would be wise for your boyfriend to use a condom.

If the condom didnt break and he didnt ejacuate can you get pregnant?

NO, its highly unlikely. Seriously, why would you get pregnant, if he ejaculated in you in the condom and the condom didn't break how would you get pregnant? Unless you gave him a b.j. before hand or he ejaculated before because than the cum might be out the outside, more chance of being prego!BUT, if you didn't do anything of the sort, than. NO, your not pregnant. Life goes on!

What would happen if your boyfriend was not wearing a condom?

with this you guys are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

What if the guys takes off the condom then puts it back on inside out and theres now semen on the outside can you get pregnant?

Yes. You are highly likely to become pregnant from this. You should always use a new condom each time. I would recommend taking emergency contraception as soon as possible to help prevent pregnancy.

Is it possible to get a girl pregnant if you wear a condom but pull out and take off the condom then ejaculate put on her chest and stomach area?

Answer No she can't get pregnant having sex that way, only if you would have been inside her and she wasn't on the Pill would she have a chance of pregnancy. Finally, yet another excellent answer on this subject. NO CHANCE AT ALL OF PREGNANCY IN THIS WAY! Knowledge is power.

How long after having condom protected sex would your period stop if you were pregnant?

unless there was a condom "malfunction" ,, never,, that's sort of the point no?

What should you do if im pregnant and the condom is stuck in you?

To take it out would seem a reasonable first step. Possibly the person who lost it there can help. It also begs the question of why you would use a condom while you are already pregnant, but you are asking the questions this time.

What is the chance of pregnancy if the female is on birth control pills and the couple uses a condom and spermicide each time they have sex?

Well, personally and not medically proven, there is a very low chance of being pregnant but it could still happen because some people's bodies would not have the successful reaction of not being pregnant after sex but some could be pregnant. If you're using a condom, and a condom alone, the chances are about 45/55 of being pregnant because their could be a possibility of the the condom tearing. But to put it simply if the couple is using all of the above, then the chances are low but it's still possible.

If I use a condom and I want to get pregnant can it be transferred from the condom to the vagina to get me pregnant?

If you and your partner are using a condom, then your partner will not be wanting/expecting a baby at this time. If you want a baby it would be better to discuss this with your partner and if he agrees you can then have sex without using the condom. You also need to think about protection, a condom protects you from sexually transmitted diseases, if you put the inside of the condom in yourself you lose this protection. I understand you want to get pregnant but please wait till you find the right person and share the baby between you.

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