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Well, if it's not a fuse problem, it could be that your radio has indeed died. This happens.

Or, if you've had the battery disconnected lately, it could be that the anti theft protection has activated. Is there anything on the display at all? Any minute signs of life?

If you decide that the radio has passed from this world, into the realm of electron hell, don't despair.

I had to replace the factory Delco radio in my '96. I found one working like brand new on Ebay. As I recall, I paid $25 for it. Some fella was parting out a Grand Prix. Same radio as in the Sunfires. If you take this route, be sure that the radio you buy is unlocked, or that the current owner will include the pass code. Without one of those options, you'll have to pay a GM dealership a wad to get it working for you.

I just did a quick search on Ebay. There are about 30 radios for Sunfires, ranging in price from $9.99 to $30.


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Why did your Windows and radio quit working at the same time on 2006 F-250?

Your windows and radio both quit working at the same time because you blew a fuse.

Why did my radio quit and the clock keep working in 99 Cherokee?

If all fuses are good, the radio has failed.

The radio quit working and all the cigarette lighters quit working after your wife used a cell phone charger in the front cigarette lighter What is the cause?

Check your fuses in your fuse panel usually that is what is wrong when cigarette lighters and radios quit working.

Why did your radio just quit working on your 1999 Geo Metro?

Check for a blown fuse.

Why did the radio quit working in a 1995 Saturn SL-2 the chimes fuse and the radio fuse have already been checked?

a bad radio??

Why would the radio and cigar lighter quit working at the same time on your 2000 Windstar?

Blown fuse.

Why does the rear window defroster cause the radio to quit working?

you either have a blowed fuse or a wire crossed

How do you fix a radio in a 1998 VW Beetle that quit working after it has been repaired?

Call VW they can give you the answer

What would cause the radio on 1997 Dodge Caravan Sport to quit working?

It is most likely the fuse. Try replacing it.

Why did your power windows and radio quit working at the same time on your 2006 F-250?

That sounds like a bad fuse...

What would cause the windshield wipers and radio in a 98 Mustang to quit working?

Most likely minor damage to Flux Capacitor.

Why has your radio quit working but the CD player still works?

A radio has a receiver and gets your "music" from a transmitter in a radio tower. A CD player reads disks through a laser. The two have nothing in common when it comes to how you get your music.

Where is the radio fuse located on a 1994 infiniti g20?

I have a 1991 G20, and the radio suddenly quit working; the FSM specifically indicates a FUSE at the back of the radio head unit. but even at VERY close scrutiny i.e. disassembling the radio, no fuse could be located.

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On your 2001 olds intrigue the horn cruise control power windows and the radio quit working What can you do to make them work again?

check fuse. they are all conected.

FM radio quit working on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I have no idea, but I am having the same problem!!!!!!! I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, FM is just static, so I am stuck listening to Rush Limbaugh and Ed Scholtz on AM.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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The motor may have quit working .

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Why did the radio quit working in a 1990 Chevy silverado?

Chances are, your truck has been through some very hot summers, and it dries up the capacitors inside the radio. Also, during the wet months, moisture tends to corrode electrical contacts in the pushbuttons, volume, and presets. It's not worth fixing, because the labor will cost more money than just replacing it with a new radio. My Silverado's radio quit after 15 years.

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Why would the power windows and door locks on your 2002 Bonneville as well as the auto shut off for the radio quit working you have checked all fuses and connections?

Have you checked the relays?

Why would the Tach interior lgts radio quit working on my 94 labaron?

When they all go out at once it is usually the accessory fuse.It could also be a short behind the dash.

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